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20 Workouts for When You’re Lacking Motivation

Who else came out of the New Year ready to be the healthiest, most brave, most intelligent, most well-rested person on the planet?! *raises hand*

Glad it’s not just me…

Luckily, I started a 6-week program with RBL Remote on January 3 where their head trainer is telling us exactly what workout to do on which day. It’s been pretty amazing to wake up and not have to think about what my workout should be each day. (She’ll be offering a 7-day FREE trial for the foreseeable future if you’d like to check it out. HIGHLY recommend.)

While I’m set for the next month and a half, I want to make sure that I hit the ground running throughout the rest of the year. What good is starting strong if we don’t finish the same? With that, here are 20 workouts ready to go for when I need some serious help in the motivation department…

Please speak with your personal trainer or doctor before performing these or any other workout program.

Strength Workouts

Quick Total Body HIIT Workout

Upper Body Strength + Pulse Hold Workout

Back & Shoulder Dumbbell Workout

The Ultimate Runner’s Strength Training Workout

Kettlebell Legs & Glute Workout

Full Body Strength Workout

30 Minute Strength Training for Runners

30 Minute Full Body Strength Workout

Cardio Workouts

40 Minute Interval Workout

30 Minute Treadmill Hill Climb

Running HIIT Circuit

30 Minute Total Body Workout (No Equipment)

Ab/Cardio HIIT Circuit

40 Minute Elliptical Workout

No Equipment, Total Body Pyramid Workout

Cardio Shred + Sculpt Workout

Flow-Style / Low Impact Workouts

Resistance Band Workout

20 Minute Mat Pilates Workout

Slim Thighs Workout

19 Ab-Sculpting Pilates Exercises for At Home (I would do 10-20 on each side and repeat as preferred)

Create a great life!

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