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30 Minute Total Body Workout

This 30 minute total body workout is ideal for when you’re running short on time.  Using very little equipment, this complete workout will keep your body guessing and will work muscles that are not worked by most of us on a daily basis.  It’s the perfect way to get an efficient workout done in a hurry.

It’s no secret that I love quick workouts.  I love my gym, the people, and being surrounded by an environment where people are just generally kickin’ booty.  But, at the same time, I don’t want to live there either.  This is when a 30 minute total body workout comes in handy.

Working out for 30 minutes comes with it’s own set of benefits and challenges.

On one side, it great to be able to bust out an amazing workout and have plenty of time to tackle your other to-dos across the day.  But on the other hand… if you’re only going to spend 30 minutes in the gym, then you really have to stay committed.  There’s not much time for community and you’re minimizing your warm-up and cool-down time.

A 30 minute total body workout definitely takes a certain level of discipline, but it’s so worth it if you can commit to working hard the whole 30 minutes.

Get Fit in 30

For this workout, you’ll need a timer and a mat.  Feel free to add on weights for the squats, russian twists, and side bends if you’d like a bit more work.

To complete, do each move consistently for 1 full minute, moving quickly to the next move.  Repeat the full circuit 5 times through if you’re able to work consistently.

If, after looking at the circuit you know you’ll need some breaks, rest 1 minute after each round of the circuit and only complete 4 times through.

A quick reminder that I am not a personal trainer.  Always speak with your doctor before starting a new fitness plan and discuss this or any circuit with a professional.

Exercise Descriptions

There are two moves in this circuit that I see being completed incorrectly from time to time.

Russian Twists

Image result for russian twists


Put your heels on the ground with your legs bent about two feet from your booty.  (Feel free to raise your heels slightly off the ground for an advanced version of the move.)  Lean backwards with a completely straight back until you feel yourself resting on your glutes rather than on your tailbone.  Pull your navel into your spine as you turn right then left.  Exhale on each turn and inhale in the centers.

Side Bends

Image result for side bends


These are one of the moves where, as a bystander, you look at the person doing them a little funny… until you try them yourself and find out how hard it really is to complete.

Stand with your feet hip width apart and your tailbone tucked under.  Hold your abs in tight and place your arms with your elbows wide and your fingertips behind your ears.  Continue holding your abs tight as you “crunch” to the left, then to the right.  You should feel this working your oblique muscles.


When you’re short on time, do you like to complete a quick resistance workout, or do you prefer cardio?

What are your favorite moves to target oblique muscles?

Create a great life!

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