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40-Minute Interval Workout

I am, 100%, a gym go-er.  There are people that love to workout outside, there are there are those that are committed to group classes, and other just adore working out at home.  While I go in phases, right now – I just want to hang out at my local gym, get a kick a$$ workout in, and go about the rest of my day.  And that’s exactly what this Interval Workout is created to be.

One issue that I’ve been struggling with lately is that my workouts are feeling a bit repetitive.  I’m loving my renewed committment to cardio, but I miss the everday variety that comes with resistance and strength training.  (Note that I still stick to resistance ~3 days/week.)

Crazy, Fun Inteval Workout

So, I figured, why not combine the two!

The above workout keeps the cardio momentum going, but also mixes in some resistance training.  This will keep your body guessing and your mind engaged.

Excercise Descriptions

Before diving into descriptions of the two moves I want to highlight, I feel it’s important to ALWAYS MODIFY.  When I mentioned this recently in a group of girlfriends, I was honestly surprised by how few of them consistently modify the workouts they find on a regular basis.

(Almost) every workout can start be a good base.  But almost every workout should also be modified based on your personal athletic level and how you’re feeling that day. If you’re feeling like a rockstar, pump up the speed.  If you’re just tired (me right now), then slow it down a step.  You have bad knees?  Do a different excercise or skip jump ropes all together.

ALWAYS MODIFY.  Even in group classes, where necessary.  As long as you work hard, you will get out what yhou put into it.


Image result for burpees


While some people love to crush these and include a push-up, I’m going to suggest that you skip that for this workout.  The goal should be speed with good form, not putting the excercises in their most difficult form.  (Unless you feel like it – then go for it!  I ain’t yo’ personal trainer!)


Image result for skaters excercise


This is kind of a weird way to show this excercise, but I couldn’t find any other pictures that highlight that I’d prefer your actually jumping from one side to the next.  If you have bad knees, feel free to turn the jump into a step.


I’ve been documenting some of my workouts on Snapchat (@SemiSweetTooth) for those interested.  However, as promised, I am planning to get back to tracking my workouts as of this week.  (Gave myself the two weeks as a “honeymoon” while I got back in the swing of things following our wedding.)


How do you usually decide to modify your workouts?  Or do you at all?

Do you do purely cardio one day, then resistance training the next?  Or do you combine them all together?

Create a great life!

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