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40 Minute Elliptical Workout

This 40-minute elliptical workout is quick and easy to follow.  Scroll down to get your sweat on, or keep reading for a quick catch up!

Surgery is finally coming up soon for my completely torn ACL.  While it’s not in pain, it feels incredibly unstable, so my usual workouts are strong no’s according to my doctor.

While HIIT and heavy resistance workouts are out, as well as running and skiing, there have been a couple of options that have been pre-approved.  Essentially, it’s those workouts where I don’t have to put significant weight completely on my left leg.  For example, elliptical and time on the stationary bike are a go, as long as I don’t get too intense.

Luckily, this blog started off entirely as a fitness and wellness-related blog, so I have a large arsenal of workouts that I can reference. (For example, check out a huge list of cardio-based fitness routines in the Cardio Workout section of my Pinterest page.)  One such workout is the 40-minute elliptical workout that I created below.

40-Minute Elliptical Interval Workout

Elliptical Interval Workout

While I do have to adjust some of the resistance levels throughout the workout due to my injury, I’m able to maintain the easy-to-follow pattern and it keeps me moving the whole time. Plus, with the frequent changes, it keeps me on track for the entire duration of my workout – or am I the only one that seems to space out a bit due to repetition when I work out inside?

Either way, this workout has me slowly falling back in love with my old high school friend the elliptical. It’s a low impact machine with a strong calorie burn and low perceived exertion. Plus, the cross training ability with the move-able handles and reverse stride capabilities mean that I’m not getting board with too much consistency.

If I was in full health, my typical suggestion would be to maintain a level 3 (anywhere 3-5 is typical for me) and try to stick to 90-100 strides per minute (I go for 90-120 for as long a time as possible.)

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Pre-Hab Physical Therapy Update

Across the past several weeks, every weekly workout has been different.  I am now in a slight slow-down phase, purely due to my preparing for the couple of weeks that I’m going to be out of commission.  (The amount of hours that I’ve spent at my computer these past few days has been other-wordly.)

While each case is different, especially when it comes to having a torn ACL, and you should always talk to your doctor before starting any workout plan, here’s what I’ve been up to fitness-wise:

Pre-Hab PT (Prior to ACL Surgery) – Total 7 Weeks

  • 3 weeks of almost literally nothing, as I was talking to doctors trying to figure out what the issue was and didn’t want to hurt it more
  • 1 week of 10,000 steps
  • 1 week of 10,000 steps or 8,000 step + 20 minutes on stationary bike, + 3 rounds of quad and hip-related exercises
  • 1 week of 6,000 steps as I get life organized
  • 1 week of 10,000 steps + 3 rounds of quad and hip-related exercises

A couple of notes:

  • I did adjust these as I listened to my body.  For example, my knee was locking out a bit today, so I’m going to take it easy. Always listen to your body, especially when working through an injury.
  • Currently, I have decided to keep my knee braced most of the time, even though it’s not absolutely necessary.  I feel like it gives me extra stability, especially when walking.
  • When discussing steps, these are meant to be focused on heel-to-toe steps, i.e. walking as normally as possible, which is incredibly difficult to do with a bad knee injury. My goal is to strengthen my quad as much as possible prior and to get my knee as close as possible to the point of full extension.
  • I also get a lot of questions about why I’m waiting so long for the surgery.  I have a week-long trip planned that is full of doctor-approved activities.  But flying right after surgery is not recommended.  So I’m waiting until after that trip for the actual surgery to take place.

As always, feel free to see my workouts and more detail over on Instagram!

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