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Resistance Band, Low Impact Workout

This resistance band workout is low impact and perfect for travel days, recovering from injury, or active recovery days.  This light weight and easy to carry equipment is the perfect workout solution for when you’re on the go!

A resistance band workout has become my go-to when it comes to travel workouts.  On the days when I need to rest my muscles a bit or don’t feel like heading to the gym, these simple, lightweight bands pack a punch when it comes to my low impact workouts.

Resistance bands are light weight enough to carry with you on travel days or to toss in your usual workout bag, and can be used for a more low impact workout to add resistance to your current workout routine.

As an added perk, I have made this workout entirely low impact.  Coming out of ski season, and about to jump immediately into hiking, this slower, low impact workout is exactly what I need to allow my body to recover for a mud season.

Throughout this workout, and anything fitness-related, remember to listen to your body to lead towards becoming the healthiest version of yourself possible.  Several of you have asked for low impact options and this is one of those options I would highly recommend.  Building muscle while not stressing your body.  Now that’s what I like to hear!

Resistance Band, Low Impact Workout

All exercise descriptions are available below.  I suggest completing this entire circuit three times through, but feel free to adjust based on how you’re feeling and how much time you have available in your day.

Always remember to speak to your doctor or personal trainer before starting a new workout program.

Exercise Descriptions

Point & Flex


This exercise should strengthen and warm up your ankles, calves, and feet.  Though a simple, small movement, this exercise works the intricate muscles that rarely get any attention, but are frequently used across your days.

To complete, hold both ends of your resistance band and keep your leg straight out in front of you while you’re seated on the ground.  Wrap the band around the base of your feet just below your toes.  Point and flex your feet completing 10 per side before switching.

Glute Bridge1445366718165


Tie a knot in your resistance band to adjust how it’s sitting above the knee.  The closer you tie the knot to the end of the band, the less you have to work your outer thighs during the bridges.

Laying on the floor, bend your knees until your feet are flat on the ground about a foot from your booty.  Use your outer thighs out against the band – you may have to tighten the knot slightly, you should feel this, but it should be do-able.  Squeeze your booty and raise your hips slightly.  Lower to complete.

Abductor Leg Lifts


Adjust the knot and bring the band to just above your ankles.  Just like with bridges, the looser the knot, the easier the exercise.

Laying on your side with your legs straight, raise your top leg about two feet until you feel your abductor (outer thigh) working.  Lower your leg to complete.

Adductor Leg Lifts



Bend your top leg over your bottom leg until your foot is firmly planted on the ground.  Holding both ends of the band and having the band wrapped around the base of your foot, lift your lower leg up to the ceiling.  Return to the floor to complete.

Knee Lifts



With your resistance band knotted and wrapped around the toes of your sneakers, lift one foot until your knee is at hip level.  Return your foot to the floor in a controlled fashion.  Pause and repeat on the other side.

Lunges with Bicep Curl



Place the center of the band under the instep of your left foot and position your right foot about two feet behind you.  With an underhand grip on the both ends of the band, perform a biceps curl while bending your knees to lower into a lunge position.  Complete 20 times, then switch legs and repeat.

Tricep Pull Back



Standing on your resistance band, hold each end of your band in each hand.  Bend your knees slightly, bend at your waist with a straight back.  With your elbows close to your sides, raise them until your upper arms are parallel to the ground.  With your fists facing the ceiling, straighten your arms slowly before returning to the bent position.  Repeat.




Lie face down on the floor with your legs together and your resistance band beneath your torso.  Hold one end of the band in each hand with your hands beneath your shoulders and your elbows close to your sides.  Lift your chest off your mat and reach both arms straight out at shoulder level, keeping your shoulders down.  Pull on the band with both hands while drawing your shoulder blades together.  Release by bringing your chest back to the floor to complete.

Resistance Band Sit Ups



Wrap the resistance band around your feet and lean back while sitting on your glutes.  Lift your feet up about a foot in the air.  Hold each end of the resistance band right above your hips.  Keeping your hands stationary, allow your feet to slowly lower as you lean further back.  Then pulse upwards, lifting your feet up as you sit up a bit straighter.  Continue to repeat to completion.

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