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Let Semi-Sweet Tooth put your brand on the radar of the most confident, empowered females around!

Want to turn your brand or destination into a social media experience?  Need help creating original content for your brand?  Searching for a social media manager or consultant?  Please contact me at: [email protected]

How I Work With Brands

Brand Sponsorships

Your brand will be turned into an experience.  When I work with brands, I highlight all aspects of their brand, including how they help empowered women to attain their best lives – physically, mentally, and/or spiritually.  75% of people don’t accept advertisements as the truth, but 70% trust consumer opinions.  As an experienced blogger of 6+ years, I will provide compelling content that drives an overall ROI boost.

  • Full post – Your brand or product receives it’s own post and social media coverage
  • Brand Feature – Your brand or product receives a portion of a post and social media coverage
  • Instagram – Using captivating imagery and compelling captions, I share my experience with your brand, ultimately driving interest and social engagement.

Social Media

With my extensive background in campaign management and social influence, I can provide trusted brand loyalty to an ever-diversifying and growing consumer base.  The market is consistently overflowing with information, causing overwhelming brand interruption and cognitive dissonance.  In all social media partnerships, I utilize compelling video, photo, and written support to drive increased engagement, loyalty, and ROI.

  • Social Media Consulting – Looking to engage more with your followers online?  Want to attract more followers or readers?  I manage social media accounts for businesses and campaigns that provide greater brand loyalty and increased ROI.
  • Social Media Campaigns – As a trusted influencer, I create inspired content that captivates consumers to engage and share on facebook, Instagram, podcasts, and Twitter.  Using original photos, videos, and writing, I share my in-depth experience with you brand, increasing brand exposure and influence.
  • Brand Ambassadorships – Long-term partnerships that have a kindred message, ultimately turning your brand into a powerful experience.

Freelance Writing

  • Copywriting – As a professional copywriter of almost a decade, I write blog posts and honest reviews that will appear on your website,, and any other additional platforms you wish to include.  My writing has been featured on,, and The Local Lifestyle.  To learn more, please see my Press page.
  • Guest Blog Posts – I write guest blog posts for other bloggers that are interested in spreading the message of female empowerment and building confidence.  I also welcome limited guest posts to my blog throughout the year.  Please reach out to me via email for more information.

Press Trips

Leveraging my authority as a trusted influencer, I turn destinations into social media experiences through unique, compelling content creation.  By partnering with me to tell the story behind your brand, destination, or travel group, readers and followers will be guided through their future journey through impactful photography, video, and writing.  The content I create will drive greater loyalty, interest, engagement, and increased ROI.


  • Podcasts – I am frequently a guest on podcasts discussing a wide variety of topics, including holistic wellness, confidence, writing, and business.
  • Video Hosting – As an internally broadcasted personality, I have the ability to guide the viewer through an entire first-person experience with your product or destination.

Please contact me via email at [email protected] to discuss any opportunities listed above or otherwise.