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30 Minute Treadmill Hill Climb

Good Monday morning!  I hope you had a great weekend!  Mine was full of a BBG workout and an amazing hike in Boulder.  Now I’m feeling fit, still tired from the heat and the sun rolling through Denver, and relaxed from my first weekend home in a month.  (Although wedding planning is not helping to relax me one bit, ha!)  But now to our Treadmill Hill Climb!

When I was updating Pinterest this past week, I realized how few cardio-based workouts I really had available.  I’m in love with pumping out a HIIT or resistance workout and strength-training has been where I’ve seen most of my success in the past few years.  But, at the end of the day, sometimes you just want to sweat it out!

For cardio workouts, Ray and I still love to go to the gym.  Sometimes we’ll go on a casual run around the neighborhood, but sticking to our routine has been best practice from our side.  The elliptical and I have ad many a hot date lately… because the treadmill is so BORING!  So I made it my goal to make the treadmill enjoyable!

Treadmill Hill Climb

Hill climbs keep things interesting and keep me committed to consistent improvement.  If anything, I often most struggle on the decline!  If you need to move speeds up or down, DO IT!  Always be willing to modify your workouts to do what feels like your working hard, but nothing should be painful.  Make sure you’re staying in the zone and staying committed.  You’ve got this!

More Cardio Workouts

In case you’re in more cardio workouts, below are some of my favorites!

  • This Cardio Shred & Sculpt workout mixes resistance training with some of my favorite cardio moves.
  • Cardio Baseline Workouts have been my go=to at various points in my fitness journey to get me back on track.
  • While this At Home Cardio Circuit is older, it’s still the perfect way to get blood pumping when you don’t have equipment handy.


What’s your favorite way to fit in some cardio at the gym?

Do you have favorite types of workouts you like to stick with regularly?

Create a great life!

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