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Massive Calorie Burning Workout & Weekly Workouts

Sometimes we very much want to target a specific muscle group with our workouts.  We have a routine down and work to consistently rotate between working our arms, abs, and bottom half to ultimately become balanced human beings.  But sometimes, we just want a tough workout that is going to make us sweat.  We want to keep moving and working hard and just are not feeling the urge to lift weights or spend time on the stationary machines.

It’s at these moments that I focus on an almost an entirely cardio-based circuit workout.  If it’s not for a stereotypical run or bike ride, then a circuit is just what the doctor ordered.  A set that is going to keep me active, but leave me fatigued when I’m walking out of the gym.

MASSIVE The above workout does just what I mentioned above.  Keeps you up and active, but also works a wide variety of muscle groups.  To complete this workout, do a full minute of each exercise, quickly moving on to the next move.  Take a small break between each set and jump right back in, completing three sets for a total of 30 working minutes.  Because this circuit is based on time, don’t rush through every move.  Stay committed to good form to prevent injury and work your muscles in the right way.

Also, don’t hesitate to do this workout, even if you don’t have kettle bells.  I will likely be using a dumb bell instead, picking the same weight I would have selected if it was kettle bell form and just holding onto the bar.  If you don’t have equipment, that’s okay, too.  Hold your muscles tight to use your body weight or use cans or soup, full water bottles, or anything else that might add a bit of weight.  Keep your energy up and rock it – you’ve got this!

Weekly Workouts

It’s going to sound silly, but I need to find a new way to track my workouts.  I’m used to thinking Monday through Sunday, and now get a bit confused on what I did the prior week.  I think the below is the order of my workouts, but I can’t be certain.  So that’s what I’ll be working on this week.

Wednesday: Full Body, No Equipment Workout

Thursday: Total Body Superset

Friday: At Home Cardio Workout – done literally at home, hey-oooo

Saturday: 4 hours of skiing.  We then had our tasting, giving me a few extra calories for the next day.

Sunday: 5 hours of skiing, including my first hike!  More to come on this one

Monday: Originally planned Rest Day

Tuesday: Rest/Snow Day – Not complaining, because we need all the snow we can get, but it was fricking cold here!  I think I burned all the calories I ate just by trying to keep warm.


What are your goals for your workouts this week?

Do you plan your workouts well in advance, or prefer to plan as you walk in?

Create a great life!

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