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At Home Cardio Workout & Mom’s Birthday

Because I’m slowly getting back into my fitness and nutrition regimen after the holidays, the first exercises that I lean towards are currently focused on muscle strength.  Lifting and increasing pounds I’m able to lift has always been much easier for me than increasing muscle endurance or overall cardio strength.  Because I have to somewhat force myself to even think about cardio (especially in these colder months), I try to make any workout I do or create fun and highly energized.  I get bored running or walking, especially indoors on a treadmill with absolutely zero change in scenery.  So I have, instead, decided to keep the workout I created below in that vein – consistently moving from station to station to keep the mind and body active.  Doesn’t get much better than that!

At Home Cardio Workout

At Home Cardio Workout To complete this workout, complete a full set consistently moving between exercises rather quickly with good form, before completing a full set the second time through.  Keep the energy up and don’t hesitate to complete a third time through if you feel that you have extra energy at the end.  Wear yourself down a little bit (to a healthy level only, of course.)  Be sure to cool down and stretch thoroughly following the workout.

Exercise Instructions

I’ve decided to include displays of a few of the exercises from this point forward.  This is primarily to allow you to focus on good form so that we can lead towards a healthy lifestyle filled with fitness and nutrition, rather than allowing injuries to occur.


For a lower impact version of the below, skip the push-up piece of the exercise.  For the “kick feet back” portion, your body should be in one, complete line.



Mountain Climbers

Keep your booty in line with the rest of your body, and almost crunch your abs when brining in your knee for proper core work.



Make this exercise include a broad jump and get low on either side.  You should be feeling this workout working your legs fairly quickly.


Mom’s Birthday

Today is my wonderful mother’s birthday.  While we had a fantastic time celebrating at a restaurant called Cindy’s in the CAC early when I was in Chicago just before the New Year, I still wish that I could be a part of the planned festivities.

untitled (7)

This woman is smart, beautiful, and strong, and always has a sunny outlook on life.  While most people might not wish to be just like their mothers, if I am 1/100th of the woman my mother is, then I’ll know that I am making the world a brighter place and will be proud of my accomplishments.

I love you ma, and you can do no wrong.  Keep taking the world by surprise!



Are you more of a cardio fan, or do you prefer lifting regularly across your workouts?

When planning your cardio workouts, what are your favorite activities?  Running?  Spinning?  Dancing like nobody’s watching?

What are your favorite characteristics about your mother?

Create a great life!

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