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Hand Weights Arm Workout

I adore a good hand weights workout.  They build muscle, while focusing on muscle endurance.  Yes, lifting heavy is important, but don’t go crazy on a muscle group everyday.  Mix up how you lift to truly grow the overall muscular structure.


EICHENPAS - arm workout_v2

What I love about the above workout is that it truly focuses on body weight, with the added weight being an option pending on your strength for the day.  Be sure to keep your muscles strong (i.e. the isolated muscle should feel tense) to grow and change the muscle.  Watch your form to be sure that you complete the whole move to get the full benefit after each exercise.

With consistent focus and effort, you’ll be rocking strong, lean arms in no time!


What’s your favorite exercise to create lean, muscular arms?

Create a great life!

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