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Saturday Golf Traditions & 30 Day Workout Challenge

I started golfing when I was close to 6 years old… and I hated it.  Now I hate that I ever stopped!  It’s an activity that is incredibly enjoyable for a casual day, but it’s also incredibly mentally stimulating.  You have to stay focused and zoned in to succeed.  That being said, it can also be incredibly frustrating if you struggle from lack of consistency like I do.

Polo shirts & sunshine.  That's what Colorado does!

Polo shirts & sunshine. That’s what Colorado does!

As an almost weekly tradition, Ray and I love to head to the range or to play a round as an active rest day.  It’s active, and keeps us involved in the day.  If there’s sun, the extra bit of Vitamin D doesn’t hurt!


A few other bloggers and I decided to start a 30 day workout challenge this past Monday.  Every day, we will do something active – including active rest days.

Feel free to jump in if you’d like to join!  I’ll be updating the Weekly Workouts page with my workouts for the month so that you can join in any time.


What are your favorite activities for active rest days?  Are you watching the Masters?  Thoughts?  Let me know if you’d like to join the 30-day challenge, too!

Create a great life!

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