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Boot Camp Workout

A bit over three years ago, I fell in love with CrossFit after attending a functional workshop at a box near my home.  It was a supportive environment that encouraged strength, positivity, and empowered you to consistently focus on becoming the best possible version of yourself.  While I still believe in the vision of CrossFit, it took an injury (thankfully not debilitating) for me to understand that forcing Olympic lifts is not a skill made for my cheerleading/dancing frame.

Even though I’m no longer involved in CrossFit on a daily basis, I still love most of the offered CrossFit “Workouts of the Day” (WODs.)  I love the idea of mixing up days to not purely focus on a single muscle group.  Consistently moving around the gym keeps me energized and excited, while also keeping my muscles guessing.  After a boot camp or CrossFit style “WOD,” my entire body feels fatigued, but I walk out energized to take on the day.

I made the below workout while keeping this variety of exercises in mind.  There’s a little bit of running around the gym, but the main goal is that you are working your whole body and keeping your system energized and guessing.

Notice that the workout includes two phases or circuits – complete the first phase four times through and the second phase twice through to complete the full workout,

Boot Camp Workout As always, feel free to adjust this workout to fit you how you come to the gym.  If you need to cut this down to one round a piece, or if you need to do each circuit 14 times, we all come to our workouts at different points with different ideas of success in mind.  Keep your personal goals in mind and stay focused on not getting injured, while being the best you can be.

Workout Demonstrations

I’ve included demos of reverse lunges and x-jumps below, but let me know if you’d like to have any others added in –

Reverse Lunges (via Good Housekeeping) – Note that the same leg is both stepping behind for the lunge, as well as lifting the knee.  Keep your core tight through the full exercise.


X-Jumps (via healthandlovepage) – For this exercise, instead of doing a normal squat, reach first to your right foot, then left, then right, etc.




Other Circuit Workouts

If boot camp and circuit workouts are your jive, then check out a few others below.  Each of them will keep your muscles guessing and will keep you moving.  Keep your energy up and bust through these.  With new muscles being worked, you might be sore the next day, so be sure to add in a cool down and thorough stretching after each circuit.

(And, in case you’re wondering, the third one below is one of my favorites if you can find a free treadmill with some floor space nearby.)

Quick HIIT WorkoutSpeedy Circuit Workout  Crazy, Fun Inteval Workout JOIN THE CONVERSATION

What are you favorite kinds of workouts to complete?

Do you prefer well-rounded circuits, or busting out a singular muscle group each day?

Create a great life!

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