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Total Body Superset Workout & Weekly Workouts

I recently did one of my older circuit workouts and fell back in love with the variety. It kept me energized and pumped to push my way through the whole workout!  To keep up similar energy, I decided that this week was time for a superset workout.  Supersets alternate back and forth between two exercises with no rest in between the exercises.  There are a variety of different ways to organize the supersets, but no matter what, they keep you moving and active the entire time.  This is a quick workout that is perfect to add in with some cardio.  Consider adding in 10 minutes or so of LISS or HIIT sprints on the back end of the workout to really get your metabolism buzzing for the rest of the day.

Total Body The goal of these supersets is not to bust through these workouts, but to keep moving the full time and keep your good form.  While the goal is to keep moving for the full 5 minutes, take a quick break if you really need one.  Listen to your body – this is only 20 minutes, but an intense 20 minutes.  You should leave the gym feeling like a champion.  A tired champion, but a champ nonetheless!  One of the best part of working out is the true sense of accomplishment that we feel at the end of the day!

Weekly Workouts

I’ve decided to move my weekly workout updates to Wednesday.  This is for a couple reasons, but primarily because “Workout Wednesday” has a god ring to it. With that said, we all get the bonus of a few extra days of workouts shared this week to get us up to date. Hope you enjoy!

Weekly Workouts This week was okay, but not great.  I’m getting back into the practice of prioritizing fitness, and I’m fairly proud of how I’m doing with that to date.  That being said, I was feeling sore and fatigued after a few workouts that surprised me.  Guess it’s all part of the process, right?  But most importantly, I have to keep reminding myself that it’s about progress, not perfection.  Staying committed to improvement is how we better ourselves for the long run.

Monday: A great workout to get back into the week.  I finished two rounds and (woof) burpees are hard.

Holiday Full Body Workout 

Tuesday: Beyond the sporadic lifting of water bottles here and there, it’s been a while since I focused purely on lifting and arms.  I was definitely feeling this one more the next day than in the moment, meaning that I was working muscles that have not been worked in a while.

Tank Top Arm Workout

Wednesday: Rocked out the below and added some HIIT sprints at the end.  For the sprints, I went 30 seconds on my maximum speed on the treadmill and 30 seconds off, for 15 minutes.

Back & Sholder Workout

Thursday: Rest Day

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: Rest Day

Sunday: Rest Day 

Monday: The below is actually the original circuit I talked about prior to the superset above.

Full Body Dumbbell Workout

Tuesday: Foam roll and rejuvenation

Scheduling Note

I’ll only have one post going today.  I have awesome, new freelance work to share with you guys, but it will take up bits and pieces of my time for the foreseeable future.  But I can promise that I’ll stay on top of updates as much as possible!


How was your past week of workouts?

Are you a superset fan, or do you prefer to stick with the traditional circuit?

Create a great life!

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