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Staying Committed to a New Workout Plan

Inspired by multiple blog friends and way too many Insta pictures to count, I have decided to try out a workout program by a young studette out in Australia named Kayla Itsines.  The program is an online booklet of structured workouts lasting 12 weeks.  So far, I’m on week 2, so who knows what results I might see overall, but what’s been more interesting has been staying committed to the structured workouts, rather than randomly doing a hike here and a circuit workout there.

I had always followed structured workout plans prior to moving to Colorado, but getting back in the groove has been tough for me because I’ve become used to going to the mountains at the first sign of free time.  But it’s important to me that I stay committed to the variety in Kayla’s workout plans to see what this program is all about.

In case you’re like me and are struggling to stay committed to a new plan, then here are the tips and tricks that I’ve learned that are already helping me along the way.


Focus on Consistency

If you decide to work out in the mornings, then workout in the mornings. Even if that means that you wake up when you don’t want to thinking you’ll get it in later in the day.  Sorry to break it to you, but you probably won’t.  Get your system used to a specific time period and stick to it.  You’ll find me always doing my workout sometime between noon and 4pm to allow myself flexibility for meetings and life.  But the second I get my free hour in that time period, I have exactly one thought.  Get to the gym.



Make the Time

Exercise should be as important to you as sleeping well and eating consistently throughout the day.  I can almost guarantee that you are not the best version of yourself when you don’t MAKE the time to fit in your workout.  I am certain plans and meetings will creep into your day, making you feel like they’re more important than your workouts.  But they’re not.  PRIORITIZE your fitness to become the best version of yourself – the best employee, mother, and/or friend you can be.


c5d2eefad5e2c75c78d8b871c3014a92 Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

Even if you start a workout program the exact same day as someone else, we are all at different phases of our workout journey.  With everyone having different strengths and weaknesses, it’s important to focus on doing the best you can with the gifts you hold at this time in your life.  Results and skill levels will constantly differ between you and others.  Be comfortable with these differences and you do you, lady!


4f2aa007a10ebdfb92ce9de95f25086e Surround Yourself with Community / Tell People

Unfortunately, I’m doing this workout program myself, but I recommend at least telling people about your new workout program.  Even people in my office ask me when I’m going to the gym and ask what I was focusing on for that day (legs, arms, cardio, LISS, etc.)  Having others hold me accountable, even if they don’t know that that’s what they’re doing, help me to stay on track and motivate me to keep going when I don’t feel like prioritizing my fitness.  These simple questions will keep you committed to your fitness journey.


2a87f9fa1c9505e56804e0a69060c457 Track Your Progress

First of all, I do not recommend weighing yourself everyday.  That’s just cray.  But pay attention to the changes your body is making.  Are you sleeping better at night?  Do you have more energy across the day?  Can you lift heavier than two weeks ago?  Those are the changes you’ll start seeing more immediately.  I’m never a fan of using the scale to show improvement, but I do trust my clothing and confidence (NOT that these work together.)  Working out, I become a more confident version of myself and I feel more comfortable in my clothes.  Seeing and feeling these positive changes will keep you coming back to the gym for more.



What tips do you have for others getting back into working out?  What has worked to keep motivating you to get to the gym?

Create a great life!

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