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The Best Inventions at CES 2016… A Woman’s Perspective

First of all, no… I was not one of the fortunate ones able to attend CES this year.  But also, for those that don’t know, CES stands for Consumer Electronics Show and is the “world’s gathering place for all those that thrive on consumer electronics.”  Picture the place where the world found out about FitBit, Wireless Headphones, and a tablet add-on that becomes a projector specifically for use with Yoga, all combined into one place with keynote speeches by some of the biggest vloggers in the world.  You pretty much have a fitness blogger’s dream world.

The Best Inventions at CES 2016

With that said, let’s explore some of my favorite finds from this year’s exhibits!



When wearable technology is all about the wrist gear, the OMbra stand out from the rest.  While it tracks the biometrics we’re used to seeing, such as calories burned and heart rate, it also tracks exclusive metrics created by OMsignal.  Examples include “fatigue,” which is your cumulative level of fatigue based on your past workouts, and “biometric effort,” which is the amount of effort your putting into each workout.  Similar to other wearables, it speaks to it’s own app, but it can also speak to other apps you may already have access to, such as Nike+, MapMyFitness, and Runtastic.  Even better, the female OMsignal co-founder and CEO Stephane Marceau focused firstly on creating a comfortable, supportive sports bra.  A quality tech product that is designed for females as their primary consumer?  Count me in!


118958_1 I can’t be the only fan of MyFitnessPal out there.  But I also can’t be the only one who’s had this conversation with myself, “Is this Kashi with granola, or granola by Kashi?  Aren’t those the same thing?”  But DietSensor takes out all the guesswork by analyzing all your food for you.  You use the sensor that’s in her left hand, which weighs the food and calculates the nutritional content for you.  Then all of that information feeds directly to an app for your tracking purposes!  Also, please ignore those gross looking baked beans, you foodies.

Yoga Tab 3 Pro


This is the tablet add on that I mentioned earlier, and it is amazing, to say the very least.  It turns any wall into a 70” screen, complete with a sound system and 18 hours of general use with a single charge.  I’m already imagining playing youtube workout classes on our big, white wall without having to trek to the gym or toss in an “old school” DVD.  At just under a $500 price point right now, I can only assume that it won’t take long to get down to gym membership costs.  Or am I just crossing my fingers?

iFit NordicTrack Escape

ifit-nordictrack-escape[1] This is by far the coolest treadmill ever… to the point that it might get me to enjoy running!  It comes with a 70” screen turned on its side, then allowing the runner to select any scenic location they’d like to experience for their run.  Google Street View allows the runner to run block-by-block, including simulations of steep declines or rolling hills.  The treadmill will even gently jostle the runner to mimic the terrain.  Wild stuff!


What are some of your favorite tech gadgets that you’ve added to your arsenal?

Is there a “next big thing” that you’re incredibly excited to experience first-hand?

Create a great life!

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