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Favorite Traditional Fashion Brands

Over the years, my fashion sense has changed dramatically.  I’d say I started just by trying to follow the trends, just like almost every pre-teen.  Then I moved to a hipster look, then totally bohemian, then beyond preppy, but now I have an even balance surrounding everything I love.  A steady mix of traditional elegance and casual comfort builds my eclectic ensemble that is purely me.

However, anytime I’m in doubt, I lean almost immediately toward the traditional look from when I was coming into my own.  It’s kind of my “comfort wardrobe,” if you will.  It’s the sentimental pieces of my wardrobe that started coming around when I started to recognize my worth and became comfortable with who I am truly meant to be.  I’ll never be the “cool girl,” I like to follow rules, I feel like watching more than an hour of television each night is a waste of time, and I am, at the base of it all, a traditional, all-American gal.

Whether you have a similar reason for loving traditional clothing, or if you’re just starting to explore traditional ensembles, below are three of my favorite traditional brands that are making attire that blends well with a more modernized aesthetic.


20166-main-341_4Women’s Quilted Field Jacket


Square Scarf


Duffle – Medium

Back in 1897, Clinton C. Filson started outfitting individuals in Seattle that had moved for the Klondike Gold Rush.  The specialties of the brand were quality products for the outdoors. Their products continue to be respected for their high quality, but lightweight fabrics.  The Filson team spends a lot of time talking to their customers to make sure that the products fit the necessary specifications.  Ultimately, any Filson products you gravitate towards will have a slightly rugged feel, but will be built on their three pillars of comfort, protection, and durability.  You will absolutely be using your Filson items for decades to come.

Spiewak (all pictured are on sale!)

SPFOW0074FFW01_5003_0 W’s Wool Cadet Cape


Ranger Hat Braids


Scarf Fishbone

Spiewak has an incredibly loyal following, as many of the police officers, fire fighters, and EMS workers around the globe rock Spiewak wear.  The brand actually started in 1904 when Isaac Spiewak started to make sheepskin vests for dockworkers.  It wasn’t until later that the New Yorker began to make uniforms for soldiers in World War I and World War II. While the brand is most known for their uniform apparel, their “lifestyle” brand has an incredibly loyal following.  But I love their new “Golden Fleece” line best, which is based on updating their most classic items with new fabrics. An ideal mix of the old and new, if I do say so myself…

L.L. Bean


Cotton Waffle Cowlneck Sweater


L.L. Bean Boots 8″


Cotton Basketweave Sweater, Open Cardigan

Leon Leonwood Bean started his business in 1912 with a 4-page catalog.  The company started, and continues to operate with a single principle in mind, “keep customers satisfied.”  L.L.’s catalog has inspired their reputation as being a giant catalog business, which is still their major sales tool.  However, while they started as a 1-man shop, they are now a global organization with annual sales of $1.61bn!


What are your favorite brands?

How would you describe your everyday style?

Create a great life!

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