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Low Impact Workout

Recently, I’ve been asked by several friends and family members to publish a low impact workout that will work for everyone, without a large amount of modification.  And truthfully, I agree with the commentary!  This blog has been built as a resource for myself and others, and I want it to be a welcome place for all.  So here comes the first specialty workout…

One piece I do have to point out is that EVERYONE should be able to find a fitness routine that speaks to them individually.  This is NOT about being skinny.  This IS about being the happiest, healthiest version of yourself possible.  At least for me, that includes being physically active for the majority of days in a week, whether through cardio, lifting, or whatever other workout you might find that works for you.

Please note that I m not your physical trainer, and am not a physical trainer in general.  These workouts are based on my own, personal experience.  But, if you’re in the need for a low impact workout, then speak to your doctor and consider giving this workout a try.

 Low Impact Workout

If you’re not in the market for a low impact workout, then don’t shy away just due to the description.  These moves will absolutely work to sculpt and tone.  If you’re looking for a little extra work and burn, then I would recommend adding cardio onto the back end of the workout to get a deeper calorie burn after you’ve worked the leg muscles.  This workout will work your full body, but is primarily focused on lower body.


In My Life This Weekend

We’re in the mountains for the rest of this week, spending an extended weekend with our good friends to celebrate the holidays before heading to our respective homes.  My goodness, it was FRIGID on the slopes yesterday, but we had a great warm up day showing our crew the towns that we love for so many reasons.  We’re expecting some warmer days the rest of the weekend and will be (hopefully) enjoying bluebird days and one fresh powder day across the rest of our days in town.


How I represent on incredibly, frigid days on the mountains

Hanging out with my girlfriends at my Gild Collective party was beyond amazing, but I am excited a weekend of relaxation and healthy skiing activity.  And sleep.  The plan is to catch up with sleep, but we’ll see how that goes. :)  (I’ll put it this way… so far, okay.)



Do you have any specifications you like to focus on across your workouts, or do you prefer to stick to  more general body part (ex. upper- versus lower-body)?

What are you most looking forward to this weekend?

If you do have any specifications, please do let me know!  I love being creative with the workouts I pull together, and I want to make sure that they work for everyone.  Please be sure to share your feedback!

Create a great life!

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