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Plank Challenge

Sometimes I need to add  little “flavor” to my workout of the day.  Perhaps I’ve been doing cardio the past few days and I want to add in a taste of toning, or I’m between sets and my machine is taken.  Or maybe, just maybe, I had to cut my workout short because of a silly “meeting” thing.  What’s a girl to do?!

It’s at these times that I love to incorporate planks into my plans. Because planks, the deceiving rascals, are some of the best exercises for total body toning.  These work horses whip your core, glutes, and hamstrings into shape quickly, while also improving balance and supporting proper posture.

If you’re in the zone for rocking out plank style, then have I got a prize for you.  Below is the 3-minute plank challenge that I’ve created to challenge myself during my workouts.  If you’re advanced, feel free to increase time.  If you’re more on the beginner side of things, then I’d recommend maintaining a straight plank posture,  but going on your knees.

 EICHENPAS - plank_corrected_v2


Looking forward to joining you to become even more toned and fierce overall!


How have you incorporated planks into your current workouts?  What’s your favorite exercise that helps you feel more fit and toned overall?

Create a great life!

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