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New Product Trial: Dear Clark Volumizing Hair Spray

Dear Clark_corrected

As promised in my earlier post today, I tried a new volumizer that was sent to me via Birchbox.  I recently ran out of one of my favorite new product trials, Beauty Protector Leave-In Conditioner, and was ready to incorporate a new product into the regimen.  And this baby definitely works.  Volume all over the place, as long as you focus on the roots.  Don’t go crazy root to tip, just stay with the roots.

But one thing we do have to talk about is the scent.  While I felt that it smelled like a spa, allow me to re-enact my conversation with Raymond when I got out of the bathroom after my shower.:

Ray – “What is that scent?”
Me – “I know, it smells like a spa, doesn’t it?!”
Ray – “I don’t own any after shave.  Where did you find after shave?”
Me – (Silence… not the impact I was going for today.)

Later on in the day:
Me – Chatting about something non-consequential
Ray – “Sorry, what did you say?  I can’t think about anything other than the fact that you smell like after shave.”

So, that being said, I’m still going to use the product.  I mean, it works, and I can’t say that about every product I’ve tried!  But, I’m also going to consider it a test on Ray’s nostrils to see if I still smell like after shave when the whole sample is gone.  Wish me luck!


Do you have a volumizer that you love?  Have you tried any recent products that you’d recommend?

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