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Back & Shoulder Dumbbell Workout

For everyone, there’s one part of their body that shows fitness level first.  As soon as you start working out, that part of your body gets cut, and all evidence of those muscle dissipate as soon as you lose your fitness/healthy-eating consistency.  But then there’s the last part of your body to show muscle definition – that “dream” body part that is the unicorn of your fitness mojo.  For me, this is my back and shoulder muscles.

Albeit potentially misguided, I’ve always pictured my body type to be similar to Britney Spears’.  (This may be because I’m obsessed with her circa “Toxic” and “Slave 4 U” days, but that’s a topic for another day.  Hear me out for now…)  I’m never going to be the super, small Taylor Swift skinny type, and I’m comfortable knowing that the Beyonce booty is not part of my genetic makeup.  But when I work out consistently at a high level, I become a little ball of muscle.  Aka, this would be the premium workout shape if I was essentially paid to be super fit 24/7…

mgid_uma_video_mtv Credit: MTV

Let’s be honest, if I was Britney at that point in her career, I’d probably wear that ensemble down Michigan Avenue.  Including the rattlesnake or whatever that slithering specimen represents.  Because I’d be Britney, that’s why.

Back to reality… While I’m closer to B. Spears 2007 (ala shaved head) at this point in terms of fitness level, that’s not putting myself down.  It’s being realistic about where I am in my fitness journey at this point after giving myself several weeks to eat whatever I want and include minimum workouts in my repertoire. #Holidays

Because I typically work out on my own, I need to find alternate ways to motivate myself.  And being able to work that unicorn body part has regularly been a proven way to motivate myself to work hard, but still leave me exiting the gym wanting to come back for more.  In case you’re wanting to improve your back and shoulders, too, check out the below workout that uses only a set of dumbbells.  Simple to do at home, or easy to add into your gym workout post-cardio.  No excuses!

Back & Sholder WorkoutRemember that the goal of this workout is to target varying areas of your back & shoulder muscles, leaving other muscle areas for another day.  So push through these exercises and use a weight that comfortably challenges you.  Leave the gym knowing you’ve worked hard, but that you have different muscles to target tomorrow.

Adding this circuit into your routine fairly consistently will bring that muscle definition to the surface, giving us that perfectly toned back and define shoulders many of us have dreamed of!  See ya’ later, unicorn!


What are you tough to define muscle areas?

Do you have any areas that show fitness level more quickly than others?

Who’s your celebrity body type?  (I don’t think that’s a real thing, but it should be.)

Create a great life!

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