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Throwback Workout Playlist

By this point, it’s no surprise to you guys that I love me some throwback tunes.  They’re just so catchy and musical, how could I not jam along!?  I’m absolutely not ashamed to say that if you passed me on the track going the opposite direction that I would, without a doubt, be singing and dancing along with whatever song would be playing at the time.

For my time on the track today, I made a catchy, new playlist full of throwbacks.  Check it out and I dare you to stop tapping your toes!

EICHENPAS - Throwback Playlist

I do have a few favorites on this list:
Michael Jackson – PYT (Pretty Young Thing)
The Corrs – Breathless
Janet Jackson – Escapade
Dave Matthews Band – Trippin’ Billies


Do you go old or new school when you’re prepping for your runs?  What’s your favorite old school jam?

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