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Lunchtime workout: 40 minute run

Honesty day.  I hate running.  But the truth is that I’ve found nothing better that allows me to enjoy the outdoors, while also forcing a great workout.  Beyond the great running workouts I’ve found out here, I also found that running for time is a lot more pleasant for me than running for distance.  It allows me to enjoy some catchy tunes, while also having a light at the end of the tunnel.  “Just one more minute, you can do it, Jessica!”

2015_3 10 (2) Try to not enjoy yourself when you see those mountains, amIright?

For my actual running circuit,  start by creating a 40 minute playlist.  If you don’t have time to do so, then just pick a jazzy Pandora playlist that is going to make you want to jam.  We can be flexible interval wise.

Assuming a 40 minute playlist:

– Run one song (5 minutes)

– 20 normal squats

– Run one song

– 20 sumo squats

– Run one song

– 20 narrow squats

– Run one song

– 20 normal squats

Repeat 2x


How do you kick your runs into gear?  Do you have a favorite workout for the outdoors?

Create a great life!

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