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Recovery Mission: Post Reunion Weekend


I’ve been focusing on variety, primarily focused on HIIT workouts centered on legs, arms, or abs.  As I’ve just completed an intense yoga challenge, I’ve been trying to balance between strength and cardio, using yoga to mix in and center myself where it makes sense.


I just spent a week in Chicago, relaxing and visiting with family and friends – while also updating my blog!  More updates will be highlighted below, but, perhaps more importantly, let’s dive into this week’s confessions!

This week was incredible.  I saw so many lovely people that I haven’t in years.  But it felt like we had seen each other every day!

2015_2 15 (1)2015_2 15 (2)

2015_2 15 (3)

These folks have been some of my best friends for well over 10 years.  Especially since moving to Colorado, I’ve been craving some friend time with some folks where I have some history, beyond knowing somebody for 3 months.  It was amazing how tired my body felt getting back into the groove of things.  While I’m still catching up on sleep/healthy eating/life, it feels amazing to be excited about coming back to our new “home.”

My real confession is that I slept 11 hours last night!  #hopelessromantic


I’ve made a couple of changes to the blog.  More to come, but what you’ll notice today:

– New web address.  I became a big-kid blog owner and am now self-hosting!!  Check out !!

– New simpler, more user-friendly design.  Let me know what you guys think!

– Trying Live Writer.  In all reality, you shouldn’t notice a difference due to this, but it did send out an email to you guys.  Sorry about that!


How do you re-connect with old friends?  Where did you meet most of them?

Create a great life!

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