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TBT: Hyde Park Calling… because Jason Mraz is love

Quick post today, because I’m off to see one of my true loves.  Jason Mraz.  No, I don’t mean “Geek in the Pink” Mraz.  I mean acoustic Mraz.

I’ve been I love with him since freshman year of college, when the guy down the hall played Jason’s (first name, duh) “Live at Java Joes” acoustic set.  If I could find a video, I would share… but you’ll just have to trust me on this one and download the whole album.  If you love acoustic music and don’t feel weak in the knees after listening to the song “After an Afternoon”… you cray.


Yes, that is a bottle of white in my friend’s hand

My TBT today is flashing back to Summer 2008 when I was living in London for a few months.  When I was supposed to leave, I booked an extra week to stay with two friends (who might be twins) to go to Hyde Park Calling.  This festival is kind of like a British Lollapalooza… three days of intense sun beating down on you in the middle of London.  And all for the love of the music.


As close as I could get to my favorite

I stayed in London purely for Jason Mraz, but the entire set was perfect.  Robert Randolph & the Family Band, Sheryl Crow, Jason Mraz, John Mayer, and Eric Clapton.  Jason Mraz was upset because they spelled his last name Marz on the concert poster.  But here’s me caring.

The huge trip was a major investment, but well worth it for the experience and memories.  Here’s to creating the great life. 🙂


Have you ever attended a life-changing concert or festival?  What’s your favorite music-related memory?

Create a great life!


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