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#tbt: Ma’s Birthday Gifts


Hot flow, all levels.  This week, I decided to throw myself into a 21 days of yoga in 31 day challenge that started on Jan 1.  Because I’m a bit late, I’ll be getting Namaste fairly often across the rest of the month.


That gorgeous little bitty is the mamacita circa August 1959.  Fierce little queen isn’t she?  I can just picture her little human self thinking, “you go clean up my toys, Imma take a nap right here.”

My mom has always been into unique or personal gifts.  Something that you can’t find everywhere is key!  This year, I think I did alright, especially using the element of surprise.

I hid her larger gift in her home, wrapped, over Christmas when I was in town.  The second gift was smaller, which I sent with a card letting her know that she’d find more in her home.  I purchased both gifts at, where I’ve had amazing luck with getting unique, good quality gifts – highly recommend for the future.

Now onto the gifts:

– The larger one that I hid in her home was a set of two musical wine glasses.  You fill them up to a certain level and they play the pitch identified.  These are especially fun because they give you a song that you can learn how to play.  I’d say that should be a romantic, date night in, don’t you think?

2015_1 15 (3)

– The second, smaller gift that I sent, she also decided to bring with her over her birthday while she was visiting a family friend that lives in St. Thomas.  It’s a small book entitled “What I Love about Mom” that includes 50 pages of fun questions to answer about your mom.  What’s your favorite memory of her?  What’s the one thing you hope to emulate?  Etc.  I loved the personal nature of this book and it was a lot of fun to fill out!

2015_1 15 (2)


What memory are you re-living this week?  Might it inspire you to say some loving words to someone special?

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