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International Women’s Day Celebrations

On this day, I invite all SSTers out there to celebrate International Women’s Day by my side.  Consider, who are the women that inspire you?  How can you thank them and spread the great word to the world that women have a voice and deserve to be treated as equals?

International Women’s Day was started by the UN to spread strength to women across the world.  While we don’t have complete equality here in the West, we definitely have privileges that much of the world can only dream of living to see.  We have the responsibility to live a strong life and use our voices to spread the word of gender equality where others can’t.  How can you live up to that promise?

2015_3 8 (1)When I think about the women that inspire me on a daily basis, I primarily think of my mother and my grandmother.  Both of these women taught me the art of true selflessness and gifted me with the courage to take on the world.  At a  young age, I learned that giving of one’s time and talents is more rewarding than selfish pursuits, and that we really do have what it takes to accomplish our dreams.  Have a goal, have focus, and, most importantly, have a point of view.

As another inspirational leader once said, “A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman. But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult.”  (Melinda Gates)  Have the courage to pursue.  Have the courage to have a voice.  Have the courage to believe.  You have the power to move mountains,


What women inspire you to have a bigger voice?  What qualities do you have that you hope to pass along to future generations?

Create a great life!


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