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6 Must Have Items for Your Winter Golf Game

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One of the coolest parts of moving to Denver from Chicago is that we get a huge variety of seasons across the state.  In the same day, we can go hiking, skiing, and golfing without driving across state lines.

Since I’m relatively new to the colder weather golf game, I asked for a couple of tips from my girlfriend Cassy Hathaway to find out what gear is best and what I might want to consider going into the game.  I’m already getting incredibly excited to try out here tips!

The PGA is still touring it's winter locations in Hawaii and this week in San Diego, but the die hard golf fans have taken it upon themselves to hit the links in whatever weather they find. This week's Drive the Green contest has $450,000 in prizes on DraftKings. First time depositors play for free.


Winter is a tricky and somewhat difficult season for golf. As courses are subjected to cold temperatures, their terrain can undergo considerable changes, making the playing experience quite different than in the warmer months. In some areas of the nation, the green grass can gets covered by snow or suffers from turf loss, which leads to unstable and muddy grounds. But don’t let these factors stop you from enjoying the sport!

You can still play golf during winter, but it’s imperative to have season-appropriate gear. Your equipment and clothing should fit in with the colder weather if you want to have a fun, problem-free time on the fairway. Rest assured, though, that finding the things you need is easy as there are many manufacturers that make golf apparel and gadgets perfect for wintertime.

Here are 6 must-have items that will keep you golfing all winter long:


Thermal-regulating golf apparel

As the weather is chillier, thicker and comfortable clothing is essential for outdoor sports like golf. Players need great concentration when analyzing the playing field and when planning a swing. The cold temperatures can be an uncomfortable hindrance to golfers, and they may become prone to mistakes. To prevent this from happening to you, opt for thermal-regulating apparel.

Under Armour’s base layers can give wearers warmth with its insulating properties. (Editor’s note: I also wear them for skiing.) Of course, these inner garments aren’t enough in the wintry season. Don’t forget a warm coat, but you should also consider getting longer bottom-wear like Swing Control’s high-performance golf pants. This stylish pair of golf pants is stretchy and fits well on any body type.

Weather-resistant golf shoes

During winter, most course grounds can be tough to traverse and play on as some might have snowy or turf-less terrain. The key to an impressive golf play under these conditions lies with great shoes. You need a pair that has strong traction, comfortable cushioning, as well as temperature-regulating features to keep your feet steady and warm.

Shoes like the ECCO Women’s BIOM G2 and the FootJoy D.N.A 2.0 both do just that. While the two are both fantastic footwear for winter, they have a few small differences. The BIOM G2 is light on the feet and has anatomically shaped cushions for optimum stability. It’s also weather-resistant, thanks to its strong yak leather body and anti-stain formula. Meanwhile, the D.N.A 2.0 is waterproof, lightweight, and gives maximum comfort to wearers.

Daily Sports Lordie Quilted Wind Vest | Golf4Her:


Warm golf gloves

Keep in mind that due to the cold weather, golf balls can’t fly as high or as far as they would in summer. As such, your hands need to have enough power to hit the ball harder. It goes without saying that trembling hands and stiff fingers should be avoided. To combat the colder temperatures, don some winter golf gloves like the FootJoy WinterSof. Its cabretta leather provides high durability and a strong grip while its special “Thinsulate” insulation will keep your hands warm. The gloves have stretch-knitted cuff with Velcro-fits straps will also protect your wrist from the cold.

High-quality sunglasses

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean the sun is any less bright. Plus, cold gusts of wind can swipe at your eyes, so keep your peepers protected from the elements by wearing sunglasses.

However, some golfers tend to avoid sunglasses because it adds bulk and may break when placed inside their bag. To solve these issues, Popticals (Editor’s note: On SUPER sale right now!!) created proprietary foldable and pop-out sunglasses. With their collapsible frame and sliding lenses, these sunglasses are much easier to store. Aside from their convenient size, this eyewear also has polarized lenses that eliminate the sun’s harsh glare, and its Grilamid frame is cold and heat resistant, making it ideal for outdoor play.

A new rangefinder


Concentrating and analyzing the green and the fairway is challenging during freezing winters, so why not try using nifty rangefinders like the Bushnell Tour V4 Slope? These light and easy-to-hold devices can help golfers measure distance over a course’s layout to improve their golf game.

The V4 Slope gives users more accurate and detailed information about the distances being measured, which can be useful in snowy conditions.

Colored golf balls

If your go-to golf courses experience snowfall, make sure to buy colored golf balls. The white snow can make it hard to find white golf balls, so try to get yellow, blue or orange ones instead. Alternatively, you can just color your golf balls using markers to make them easier to spot.

You don’t have to store your clubs away just because of the cold weather. By being well-prepared, not only can you hit aces without any worry, but you’ll also get the chance to appreciate the relaxing atmosphere and calmness that winter golf brings.

Know What should be your winter #golf practice routine:


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