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Wedding Fitness and Diet Plan / Weekly Workouts

I’ve been asked by multiple readers what my fitness and nutrition plan is leading up to our wedding, though I honestly hadn’t really thought about changing my practices previously.  But the truth is, while I want to look like my typical self on our wedding day, I also want to feel like the best version of myself – Active, happy, energized, mindfully in the moment, and well-rested.  These factors all come when I am working out regularly and eating nutritiously.  So, after three weeks of not caring what I ate over the holidays and not working out, I’m back in action.  Look out world!

Wedding Fitness & Diet PlanOver the years, I’ve noticed that I struggle with incredibly regimented fitness programs.  When I’m told exactly what to do, even with Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide, I tend to freak out a bit if I can’t get the exact workout in as prescribed.  (Note: Kayla’s program does include fantastic workouts I’ll definitely include in my repertoire moving forward.)  Because of this reason, and because I want to allow myself the flexibility to enjoy the seasons out here in Denver, I’m going with more general guidelines.

  • Do something fitness-related six times a week
  • Commit to one full rest and restoration day
  • No wine/liquor/beer or dessert on weekdays
  • Don’t eat crap on weekdays (pizza, massive amounts of snacks, etc)

I’m going to stick with these four rules for now, and will likely add in high level macros tracking much closer to our actual wedding day.  I’ll likely not track nutrition too closely for the same reason as I don’t like to be too strict with my fitness program.  I don’t want tracking my fitness and nutrition to take over my life.  I would, instead, much prefer that these healthy habits fit themselves pleasantly into my daily way of living to make me successful long-term.

That being said, while not having chocolate and a glass of red tonight is difficult, I know that it will be worth it in the end.

Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workouts The first five days of the week (Monday through Friday) were the final days of my rest period.  And I may or may not have taken advantage of those days a bit more than I should have – pizza and chocolate galore!  But whatever, it was worth it.

Saturday: Skiing for four hours in Beaver Creek

Sunday: Skiing for four hours in Beaver Creek

And now we’re back to getting back on the fitness train!  I’m going to be doing a lot of at home workouts in the near future, so please let me know if you have any suggestions for youtube fitness channels to check out.  I’ll share some of the suggestions you guys provide in an upcoming post!


If you’re married, did you “prep” for your wedding?  If you’re not married, do you plan to prep when that event comes up in the year?

Have you ever taken a few weeks off to amp yourself up for a fitness program?

Remember to let me know about your favorite youtube workouts in the comments section below!

Create a great life!

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