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Top Five – Wellness

I’ve been playing catch up this week, and not incredibly well.  I forgot about a Junior League meeting, haven’t been able to keep up with the housework, and I stuck with only one post a day on SST, rather than my preferred two.  But, on the other hand, I’ve kicked butt on my workouts, thrived with my 9-to-5, and have loved catching up with friends and family as I finally get back into routine back in our home in Denver.

Because I’m trying to stay fully committed to my wedding fitness and diet plan, most of this week’s findings are focused on wellness.  From self-love, to self-awareness, to fitness, these all are helping me to become the more whole, well-balanced version of myself that I’m craving.  Hope you enjoy!

In this series, I highlight some of my favorite finds from across the week.  Whether they’re informational links, awesome new products, or fun pictures, I hope you enjoy!  If you’re interested in seeing other Top Five posts, check out past posts here.

33830557cff37132da4ad37dabfdf2a5I spotted this article on Pinterest from yogiapproved and it’s a dream come true!  There’s a huge variety of classes available that all allow you to center yourself from the comfort of your own home.  Let me know if you decide to try the FightMaster Yoga 90-day program.  I’m definitely most curious about that one.

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Know I mentioned earlier this week, but I finally took a bath that I loved!  I was scolded by the girls for not included a glass of vino and bubbles, but I thought the toasty warm water and a great book was the perfect start.

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Emily over at Cupcakes and Cashmere originally posted on her blog about this article, and I fell in love.  In it, thoughtcatalog highlights “26 Things you Need to Start Doing for Yourself Right Now.”  Rather than being one of those theoretical articles that just tells you to, “dance like nobody’s watching,” it includes actionable steps that I truly believe will make for a better life.  I can’t wait to start including more of their tips in my daily routine!


It has been a while since I stopped committing to a full meal prep for the week.  I know what I’m going to eat across the days, but I don’t chop, slice, or cook anything in advance at this point in my health journey.  However, this BuzzFeed article has some wonderful tips that make meal prep even easier than usual.  I just might be hopping back on board!

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This one definitely warms the spirit!  When my girlfriends and I got back from our ski trip, Amber’s son had left us some of his drawings on the front door.  Other than us in the car and maybe a snowman, I can’t tell if these are relevant to the weekend.  But I can tell you that few things in life are sweeter than a 2 year old’s drawings waiting for you when you get home.


What have been some of your highlights across the week?

Do you have any health / wellness related youtube channels you’d recommend checking out?

Create a great life!

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