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15 Ways to Clear Your Mind

15 easy ways to freshen your mind everyday 
By: Natalie

We recently shared out a list of various mind and body techniques that can beneficial methods to re-center and re-focus your overall system. Though we know that some or all of these practices cannot be completed every day, so we thought it best to think through some methods to incorporate a sense of wellness and balance into your daily life. Stress, hectic schedules, and day-to-day worries can be tiresome, but with these quick tools and techniques, you can cleanse your mind in just a few minutes!

A fresh mind can bring you new ideas, a sense of peace, and a brand new start to your day. Take a pause, breathe in, and enjoy these 15 simple ways to clear your mind.

15 Daily Practices to Clear Your Mind

Read a book

Reading a book is like stepping into another world. To clear your mind, consider diving into a new novel to switch your mindset and perspective. Reading a book at the start or end of your day is the perfect way to reset your mind. Check out our reading guide to find your next great book, or pick one off your shelf that you might have been considering for years.

Try a new exercise class

New exercise classes can be challenging, but very rewarding! That sense of challenge and perseverance is a great way to clear your mind of stress and worry. Both fitness beginners and fitness junkies can benefit from the mental clarity that comes from a little bit of exercise. Here is a quick list of 25 tips to get started working out if you’re stepping into the gym for the first time in a while.

Clean a room in your house

Clutter and mess in your physical space can easily translate into mental clutter. Take a few minutes to reset your mind by clearing and organizing a room in your home. Your bedroom is a great place to start because it is the space where you wake up and go to bed, which requires and sense of peace and tranquility. Remove any unwanted or unused clutter to allow your room to be as zen as possible. If a whole room feels overwhelming, then maybe just start with a bookshelf or cleaning out that old pile of magazines you’ve had sitting around. Read this article about the best way to organize your home according to your zodiac to get started!

Try holistic home practices

In addition to cleaning, adding simple elements of balance, peace, and energy into your home can be a great way to cleanse your mind. Holistic home practices include feng shui, smudging, and aromatherapy, all which can easily be done on a daily basis. Try a few from this list and see what works best for you!

Take a break from social media 

Social media is a fantastic tool to stay connected to friends and family, but it is also important to stay present in the moment. Try limiting the time you spend on social media or even consider going a few days without it. Take those free moments to be present and even more intentional in your day-to-day life. Interested in the effects of social media? Read this article about social media and dreams. It’s crazy to see how what we see during the day can impact our subconscious.

Write in a journal 

Write in a journal to get all of your thought, feeling, and emotions out onto paper. Journaling is a great tool for clearing your mind because it is so adaptable! There are a multitude of different methods of journaling, so it’s worth it to try out a few to discover what works for you. To get started, check out this post about methods and practices for journal writing. 

Start a garden

Gardening is the perfect way to spend time outdoors in a quiet and reflective environment. You do not need a large backyard or plot of land to get started, just a pot, some dirt, and a few seeds. Seeing your hardwork grow to life is a magical way to clear your mind and de-stress. Read this article about vegetable gardening for beginners to get started.

Try out a new recipe

Cooking is a rewarding process that results in a delicious meal to be shared with friends and family. To clear your mind, toss on some relaxing music and try out a new recipe. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert- whatever suits your fancy! Cooking is a staple here at Semi-Sweet Tooth, click this link to see a variety of recipes to try.

Create a worry list

If journaling seems daunting, try list-writing! Clear your mind by writing down whatever worries, tasks, or assignments are holding you back from a clear, focused, and refreshed mind. Consider making a new list each night before you go to bed, that way, you can have a clear mind before shutting your eyes. Read this article about why you need a worry list.

Clear your digital clutter

We’ve discussed cleaning and organizing your home, but clearing digital clutter is just as important! Take a few minutes each day to delete unnecessary emails, listen to voice messages, and remove unused apps. A clear digital world can mean a clearer mind. Cellphones, computers, and digital communication channels make up a lot of our daily interactions, so the more clear they are, the more we have mental clarity, as well. Check out this article to learn more about clearing clutter to free your energy.

Put self-care first

Self-care is tremendously important to clearing and cleansing your mind. At the end of a busy day, take a few minutes to refresh yourself with a variety of self-care practices. Consider running a hot bath, using a face mask, or enjoying a green smoothie. Interested in reading more? Check out this article about self-care tips from nature.


Meditation is a key practice when it comes to clearing and cleansing the mind. No matter how much stress and worry you have in your life, leaning into a meditation practice can become incredibly freeing. Try sparing a few minutes to be quiet and reflective after a long day. Using mantras can be a great way to get started with meditation.

Practice yoga

Yoga requires both mental balance and physical stamina. Based on your individual skill-level and time available, the type of flow you decide to practice can be entirely customized to fit your lifestyle. Go through a few poses before you start your day to clear your mind from the beginners guide to yoga. (Pro tip: Read this article to learn how to wash your yoga mat with household items. You can thank us later. 😉 )

Listen to a podcast

If you do not have time to read a book, consider listening to a podcast during your daily commute, before bed, or while doing exercise. There are podcasts created for every subject imaginable, so it is just about finding the right one for you! Podcasts are a wonderful way to clear your mind because you can take a few minutes to focus on a new subject, learn how to navigate life, or hear a unique story. Check out this article about some great mental health podcasts to see if one speaks directly to you.

Try crystal healing

Crystals can provide a sense of healing, peace, and prosperity- which is especially ideal during times of stress!  Consider putting a few crystals in your home to bring energy and balance into your daily life. Want to read more? Check out our beginners guide to crystals to see which crystals might be ideal from your home.

Create a great life!

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