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Crystals : A Beginners Guide

Written by: Caitlin

If you’re like me, you may have noticed the undeniable increase in popularity of crystals across the board. From jewelry and decor, to tools of holistic healing, these beauties can be found in some of the most unlikely of places. But what’s the deal with their recent popularity and are they something that you should incorporate into your daily routine, too?  Learn more here to see if you might gravitate towards them, as well!

Why Are Crystals Becoming Popular?

Crystals have been used all throughout history in various forms of medicine, religion, spiritual work, cultural traditions, and magic. Many different beliefs have formed regarding the best use for crystals in daily life. Similarly, there are varying beliefs regarding what each crystal is best used for – varying due to the wide range of crystals available, their differing properties resulting from different minerals in various locations throughout the world, the acute use of each crystal can change down to the individual piece, and the fact that each individual person’s energy is so different.

I believe that it’s ultimately up to the individual to determine how the crystal best vibes with their body and their needs. We have briefly outlined our favorite crystals and how we like to use them in our daily lifestyle and living space!  (Note: Some of this information came from referencing The Crystal Bible, a book that both Jessica and I use regularly.  This book is linked here.)

How to Use Crystals

There are several different ways each crystal can be “used.” Ultimately, the way you best use each crystal will be decided upon by you as an individual.  However, in general, there are three different categories of uses.

  • Using by placing in the appropriate space in your home
    • Place the relevant crystal in various parts of the home for specific intention or results
    • If you need more information on feng shui, including where each crystal is best placed in your home, we recommend checking out this link
  • Accompanying you through the day
    • Carrying specific stones to promote specific intention or reminder of a particular goal
    • Typically, crystals are used as a piece of jewelry, but we’ll often just toss a crystal in our purse or keep one on our desk to refer to throughout the day
  • Healing work and meditative practices 
    • The stones work in conjunction with the energy sites of the chakras
    • If used this way, the crystal is place on the body for a particular intention, such as healing some form of hurt in the mind, body, or soul 
    • Using the relevant stone during meditation or spiritual work for particular intention, such as healing, calming, grounding, protection, etc. 
    • Placing in in your bed while you sleep to help with insomnia or dream recall
    • Placing certain stones in the bath with epsom salts and essential oils are meant to aid in the body’s physical healing (this is a personal favorite!)



Most Popular Crystals

Note: We included their associated chakra for reference, as well. 

This group of stones are the ones we’ve been seeing used most frequently, as well as including some of our current favorites. Each crystal is linked to where you can buy the raw crystal for your own use at home.

Smoky Quartz (Root)

  • Protection
  • Grounding
  • Absorption and transmutation of negative energy
  • Connection to one’s “home”

A Smoky Quartz is my ideal stone to aid in grounding and connecting to the present moment. I frequently like to put this raw crystal in a pocket in my pants or leggings to ensure its close proximity to its home chakra, the root.

It’s often suggested to put a smoky quartz in an area of the home where there is a lot of technology, as it could aid in the absorption of the harmful electromagnetic waves omitted from the technology items. I have also found this rock to be suggested for those who are looking to “find their home” or are feeling homesick since it connects to the root chakra. This crystal assuages any ailments, emotional or physical, we may have in our “roots,” thus making us feel more safe and secure.

Carnelian (Sacral)

  • Vitality
  • Creativity
  • Sexual energy
  • Fertility
  • Fearlessness

Carnelian could be carried as a stone in your pocket, or embedded into a belt to access its energy. I also found in my research that this stone can be placed over various parts of the body to aid differing healing effects throughout. For example, you can hold this stone over your heart to energize your intimate energies. You could also hold this stone over your belly button to feel a serious spark of self empowerment.

Personally, I associate this stone to the sacral chakra because of its often fiery orange color.  However, this stone is a great support for all of the lower three chakras (root, sacral and solar plexus), as it energies one’s personally intimate energies.

Related to the home, Carnelian is suggested to be placed by the front door to facilitate protection and open the space for abundance to enter into the home.

Citrine (Solar Plexus)

  • Raises self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Provides abundance (wealth, prosperity)
  • Brings clarity, aids in the flow of ideas
  • Sparks personal empowerment and drive
  • Brings joy into the essences of life

Citrine is an energizing stone that will give off most of its energy when worn in contact with the skin, such as on a necklace.  Many people also find it to be beneficial to place citrine in the wealth corner of your home (the back left corner), to promote energy towards abundance and success.

This stone is useful for anyone looking to remove any depressive symptoms, or to help people overcome phobias and fears. I like to use this stone as a freestone in my pocket regularly, but will carry two on the days that just feel a little “blah” to help spark my energy. I will also place this stone in the bath at the beginning or end of the day to give my solar plexus a nice sprinkle of citrine wonder!

Rose Quartz (Heart)

  • Promotes unconditional love of self and others
  • Patience
  • Reduce stress
  • Needs of compassion; yours and others

Personally, Rose Quartz is one of my favorite stones to use. I have this stone placed in every room of my home to promote unconditional love throughout. It is suggested to be placed next to your bed, or in the back right corner of your home (this is considered to be the relationship corner of your home) to spark love within your home.

Rose Quartz is a great companion for any acts of healing. I love to use this stone in the bath with epsom salt and essential oils because this stone’s gentle energy is the perfect frequency to start or end the day, washing away anxieties and distress.

It can also be placed over the heart to receive a jolt of compassion. I have known many people to find solace placing a small piece of this stone in their shirt pocket or bra – anywhere that is as close to the heart as possible.

Aquamarine (Throat)

  • Clear communication
  • Courage in speaking
  • Clarifies and sharpens the mind’s processes (thinking and perceiving)
  • Aids in self expression

I like to wear aquamarine in necklace pieces that are close to the center of my throat, though it can also be placed on the eyes or used as an elixir to channel close to the throat chakra.

This stone is specifically suggested for those who are undertaking any acts of public speaking, or those who work in positions or lifestyles that are largely communication dependent (management, therapists, teachers, air traffic control, etc) to allow for smooth, confident communication.  Though, Aquamarine is also suggested for artists to use, as it aids in the expression of the self across multiple channels.

Amethyst (Third Eye)

  • Healing of all kinds
  • Calmness
  • Eases physical pains like headaches, tension, bruising and injuries
  • Dispels anger, rage, anxiety and worry
  • Helps facilitate the process of grieving
  • Aids in intuition

Amethyst is my favorite stone- it is my standard go-to when in need of… pretty much anything. I use it as additional support throughout all aspects of my day, from sleeping, to work, to class, to meditation and leisure activities.  This is typically alongside other stones that I feel like I need throughout the day, but amethyst is always there.

I always have this stone in my pocket or wear it as a necklace that is close to my throat or heart. Because of my particular affinity for this stone, I have one in every room of my home as well. Usually, this stone can be placed under pillows to help with peaceful sleeping, dispelling nightmares and allowing intuitive dreaming. I have also found this stone to be helpful to keep close by in stressful environments, (such as work or areas of the home, like the home office), or on my person if I know I may be encountering high stress or crisis situations. This stone is great for individuals working in the field of healing, and great for individuals who are on their own path of personal healing and transformation.

Herkimer Diamond (Crown)

  • Clears all the chakras, removing any blockages  
  • Facilitates and enhances the flow of energy throughout the body
  • Connects to the souls purpose
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Protects against disease caused by pollutants and contact

Herkimer Diamonds are recommended to be worn as a pendant or as earrings, but for short lengths of time only. For some, the high frequency of the Herkimer can become overwhelming, and conflict with the lower chakras grounding, as it is associated to the crown chakra.

I often carry a Herkimer Diamond in my pockets, and always place it in the bath at the beginning or end of the day to help clear my energy. One of my favorite ways to use this stone is to place it in a spray bottle with water and your very own essential oil mix to clear out your home or work space. A personal favorite is to place a few Herkimer Diamond bits in my oil diffuser at home. I also have this stone in various places around my home to spread the cleansing property of this stone throughout my living space.

While this is a basic introduction to a few of our favorite crystals, I hope it helps to lead you in the right direction.  Always listen to your body in how it tells you it wants to utilize a specific stone’s energy – the mind, body, and soul know what they need to feel fully restored.  We just have to listen.

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