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2019 Holiday Gift Guide

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I’m honestly struggling to believe that we’re already towards the end of 2019. Perhaps it was because I moved around so much, or perhaps because it was a year full of dramatic transformation, it feels like it’s all flown by in a flash!

I’ll unpack the full year shortly, but let’s dive into the fun stuff… our 2019 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE!

This year, we’ve narrowed down our list to be entirely focused on a few, very specific gifts for a wide variety of family and friends. Hope you enjoy and let us know if you think there’s anything we’ve missed!

2019 Holiday Gift Guide

1. Rise Up n Run Tee    2. Fuck This Shit Show: A Gratitude Journal for Tired-Ass Women    3. French Connection Teddy Coat 4. “Becoming” by Michelle Obama 5. Process_M1 Watch 

Gift Guide for Women

Rise Up n Run Tee

Available Here.

Especially in the colder months, long sleeved workout tops are absolutely necessary. This adidas top is the perfect, feminine fit, a breathable, comfortable material, and actually performs well throughout a tough workout.

Fuck This Showshow: A Gratitude Journal for Tired-Ass Women

Available Here.

We’re all stressed out to the max, and this journal gets it. It’s obviously a bit crude, but if you have a woman on your list with a sense of humor, this is the way to go.

French Connection Teddy Coat

Available Here.

I’ve been a fan of teddy coats and pull-overs for a while now, but I feel that it’s somewhat difficult to find one that’s a comfortable, yet flattering fit. This coat hangs well, but maintains that comfortable feel we’re all looking for in the colder weather.

“Becoming” by Michelle Obama

Available Here.

Whether or not you’re a fan of her political views, I always find it fascinating to see how powerful women got where they are today. Michelle Obama is no exception, telling her story with wit and care. A great read for all of those powerful women in your life.

Process_M1 Watch

Available Here.

adidas may be known for athletic gear, but this watch has classic elegance written all over it. Beautifully crafted, yet affordable, I’m a huge fan of the simplistic rose gold color.

1. Three Stripe Life Hoodie 2. Citra Beer Soap 3. U Originals Rib Beanie 4. Wood Docking Station 5. Wingtip Lace-Up Boots

Gift Guide for Men

Three Stripe Life Hoodie

Available Here.

I can’t be the only one that’s jealous of men’s hoodies, and you better believe that I’ll be snagging this from his closet, too. Elevated, but so comfortable and soft, I adore both how this hoodie looks and feels.

Citra Beer Soap

Available Here.

I love everything this brand stands for, so I actually had a hard time picking just one product. I picked the Citra Beer Soap purely because the scent is absolutely delicious, though if the man in your life cares at all about his regimen (or if he should) have fun digging around on their website.

U Originals Rib Beanie

Available Here.

As happens every year, I love the look of a guy in a casual beanie. This dark green color is a new neutral to add to his collection, and the slouch on this beanie is just right – relaxed, but ideal to still look classy.

Wood Docking Station

Available Here.

If your guy is anything like mine, his shi* lands everywhere around the house. Keys on the coutertop, phone charging on the nightstand, wallet in some pocket that later lands in the washer, it’s a mess. This docking station can bring all of his items to one place, keeping him organized and keeping you sane.

Wingtip Lace-Up Boots

Available Here.

Every guy needs a classic pair of winter boots. Something to keep them warm, but still look pulled together. These boots have beautiful detailing that will keep them looking good all winter long.

1.Peplum Tricot Set 2.Welcome Little One 3.Convertible Carrier in Grey 4.Plush Swaddle Blanket 5.Baby adidas Superstars

Gift Guide for New Babies

I decided to add in this section because, while I don’t have children myself, several of my friends are in the phase of life where they’re having new babies. Here are a few of the gifts I’ve gotten for them that have been a hit!

Peplum Tricot Set

Available Here.

A baby in a little, adidas original jogger set. I just can’t – it’s too adorable!  Add to it that funky, unique design and you have a little bit of classic and a little bit of cool all in one affordable gift!

Welcome, Little One (A Love Letter to You)

Available Here.

Beautiful rhymes and vibrant colors make this the perfect keepsake gift for any new parent and baby. You can also personalize it a bit, which I think make this even just a little bit more special for the bookshelf.

Convertible Carrier in Grey

Available Here.

This one is more for the parents, but I don’t think they’ll complain. 😉 Machine washable and comfortable for carrying a baby in four different ways, this is the carrier that I’ve been most impressed with lately. I have also heard from multiple sources that this specific carrier is ideal for optimal hip positioning for the baby, too. Super supportive for all those involved means that long-term wear won’t be an issue. Add to it that this grey color is a fantastic neutral that will match with every outfit and the new parents will be so excited to cruise around with baby all day long.

Plush Swaddle Blanket

Available Here.

I mean… could it get any cuter. The teddy bear style is so adorable, and the thick fabric will keep that new little babe all warm and cozy.  Before you purchase this, you may want to check with the new parents, though, as some might be particular about how they are planning to swaddle.  For example, this swaddle is designed to allow their legs to move free, while some are designed with both legs to go into a large pocket.  But if those new parents are game, this has perfect newborn gift written all over it!

Baby adidas Superstars

Available Here.

Why is everything even cuter in tiny, baby-sized form??  I feel like these almost look like they could be tiny adidas Originals and I am  While I didn’t witness this issue, I wouldn’t recommend personalization on them though, because reviews have been suggesting that wears off pretty quickly. But that new little babe is sure to be the coolest kid on the block rockin’ these kicks!

1.Team Issue 2 Duffel Bag 2.Personalized Charcuterie Board 3.Aromatherapy Candles 4.Aerator Wine Pourer 5.Double Old Fashioned Glasses

Gift Guide for the Holiday Host

Now three cheers for the true heroes of the holidays, our hosts and hostesses!

Team Issue 2 Duffel Bag

Available Here.

Luggage is expensive, we all know that’s true. But this is even better than traditional luggage (in my opinion), because it’s perfect for storage until that next big trip pops up. It’s large, but breathable, and it includes a pocket that’s big enough to fit shoes if your host loves to crush a mean workout (when she’s not prepping for hosting gigs, of course.)

Personalized Charcuterie Board

Available Here.

As someone who recently hosted a Housewarming Party, I can safely share how useful charcuterie boards are for those that enjoy hosting parties.  There’s just something special when it’s been personalized, though!  This set also includes cheese knives and markers, which is an added bonus that I haven’t seen at this affordable of a price in a long time. It will be fun to see your gift used at future parties in their home, too.

Aromatherapy Candles

Available Here.

Everyone loves a good candle set. Delicious scents and warmth fill every corner of a classic, winter holiday home. Add to it that this candle set includes an adorable box so that it’s essentially pre-wrapped, and you have the perfect host gift for almost any holiday party to choose to attend.

Aerator Wine Pourer

Available Here.

I received one of these as a gift a few housewarming parties ago and I still use it constantly. While I was a bit dubious at first, it’s actually a bit shocking how much of a difference tools like this one can make to the quality of your wine. Though I would bet that your host will notice an even bigger difference when they’re drinking the sub-par wine they save for wine-nights in.

Double Old Fashioned Glasses

Available Here.

Crystal glasses always look tasteful and refined, but when they’re priced this affordably, you can buy enough for the whole block! These specific double old fashioned glasses are tasteful and refined, and perfect for the bourbon or old fashioned lover in your life.

Create a great life!

*This post was sponsored by adidas, though all opinions are my own. Thank you so much for your support and happy holidays to all of our partners over on the adidas side of the family!

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