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Mantras: What Are They, How to Use Them, and Why

Mantras have been a life-changing concept for me, shifting my focus towards a more positive, encouraging universe. In today’s post, we’ll talk about what mantras are, how you can create your own, and how they can change your life.

As you go through your day, think about the things you say to yourself about yourself, your situation, or others.  Are you saying kind, loving things – the kind of things that you would say to your best friend?  Or are you honestly being just a bit too hard on yourself and on the world?

If you’re like the average woman today, then I’m willing to bet that you have a tendency to focus on the negative a bit more than the positive.  We have a fear of “normalcy” and a drive to be only “perfect.”

But, as we’ve talked about before, there is no such thing as perfect.  We all have flaws and fears.  Negative talk is only debilitating and brings no value to our lives.

Having mantras and positive affirmations ready can quickly change our thought patterns.

Mantras are quick, little statements that have the ability to literally shift our body’s energy fields.  They are words that are repeated to focus our concentration during our meditation practice and throughout the day.  Think of them as poetry that speaks directly to you.


How do we create our own, uniquely tailored mantras?

A friend in high school used to quote his father on cold days when he’d say, “Being cold is only a state of mind.”  While there are obviously scientific factors going on between when our bodies are cold versus warm, it’s amazing how much warmer I can feel if I can put the mantra “I am warm” to work.

And that’s exactly how it’s done!  The first step is to identify what is truly going on in our lives that is bringing our thoughts down.  Are you going through a breakup?  Perhaps you’re stressed out leading into a big presentation?  Are you going into situations always expecting the worst to happen?  Or are you just too frickin’ hot or cold?

Once you identify the underlying factor, our mantra should be designed towards the opposite, positive side.

As an example, say you realize that you regularly put yourself down, thus negative self-talk is what we need to work to alleviate.  Then your mantra can be, “I truly and honestly accept myself,”  Therefore, each time you notice your mind filling with negative thoughts about yourself, you should stop, take a few deep breadths, and start to slowly repeat your mantra.  The more often you repeat it, the more you will start to notice your system naturally relaxing and shifting into the positive.

A mantra is not your to do list.

When you design your mantra, I suggest staying away from, “I need to (enter your random to-do list here).”  While to-do lists are helpful in keeping you focused throughout the day, they are not the best way to relax your mind.  In fact, they can create a lot of stress if they’re created at the wrong time.

Rather, focus on the action itself.  For example, if you’re lacking concentration, rather than making your mantra, “I need to focus,” make your mantra “Focus.”  The word itself will be the thing you need to shift your mind.

And easy-peasy… that’s it!

Now you know why you need a mantra, how to create your personalized mantra, and how to set your mind on that intention.  While it’s a seemingly simple concept, it will have the power to improve your physical health, your mental outlook, your spiritual health, and your relationships with those around you.

This is powerful stuff people!

Want to Know What My Mantra is Right Now?

Being fully transparent, my mantra today is, “I am open and willing to change.”

This season has been a very dynamic, ever-changing one for me.  In the past year, though especially in the past few months, I’ve gone through a large transformation and I’m feeling poised and ready for whatever change the universe has coming my way.  More will be shared in the near future, and I believe that I still have a little learning to do, but I want to keep my eyes, ears, and heart open for my next step when the time is right.  Wish me luck!

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