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#TBT: Orphan Easter

Over the past several years, I haven’t been able to see my family on Easter.  I am incredibly blessed to have a loving, caring family surrounding me, but the timing just hasn’t worked out to head back to Chicago.  Because of this, I started a tradition many years go called Orphan Easter!  Anyone who isn’t able to head home, but wants to be surrounded by a “family” of sorts, is able to come over for a brunch potluck on Easter morning!  I’ve typically been able to plan the timing to be able to attend my home (where ever I’m living at the time) church service, but from there, the tradition is basically that we get together with friends and family (cousins, etc that may live close) to celebrate the reason for the season.

Other than the basic holiday tradition, the events have varied dramatically.  We’ve had a couple of years where a theme was involved, we decided to go to a John Mayer concert one year, one year the group decided that “potluck” should instead mean tapas food.  But no matter who I’m with or where I am, it has been great to celebrate this beautiful holiday surrounded by people I love, even if it can’t be in Chicago.

April 2 (3) Some of the girls from the original Orphan Easter in Cincinnati, where we decided that a restaurant was the way to go

April 2 (2)

One year we decided to attend the John Mayer concert – since it was later than brunch, a bunch of Cincinnati folks could attend, too

April 2 (1)

A few years into it, I turned it into an actual event.  Close friends from all over the area came in for the original potluck – the tradition that has hung around since the 2011 event.  I was also babysitting my mom’s adorable pup at that point (Teddy.)

For the two years I was in Chicago, we continued the brunch tradition, but with family and friends since I was back in my hometown – one year themed seersucker, of course.  Since I now have a stud of a boyfriend and we’ve decided to move two states in the opposite direction from Cincinnati, Ray and I are starting another Orphan Easter tradition this year.  To continue tradition, I’m also going to be sure to wear my classic Lilly Pulitzer skirt that I stole from my mom years ago and wore in the 2011 picture.  The important traditions will always stay around. 🙂

I hope that you’re able to celebrate Easter, Passover, or an average weekend surrounded by love!


How do you celebrate traditionally “family” holidays when you aren’t able to be home?  Have you created any holiday traditions since you’ve left home?

Create a great life!

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