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My Favorite Casual Fashion Staples

My Favorite Casual Fashion StaplesWhile I love getting dressed up and hitting the town, I’ll be honest… I wear casual attire more than anything.  Unless I’m on the search for a specific event, comfort and ability to match anything are the top characteristics I’m looking for in a new piece.  Solids and classic cuts are perfect for every occasion, but there’s no need to stick with an all-black look.  Feel free to mix in bright colors on a regular basis to give your outfit some flavor and allow it to speak for the way you’re feeling that day.


If you’re on the search for favorite staples, then here are my go-to classics.  If I ever can’t decide what to wear or am lacking inspiration, then these are the basic items I lean on to get me through the day.

LOFT Jeans

untitled (49)

I found these jeans on a random shopping excursion and feel as though I’ve worn them every day since.  I never though straight-legged denim would fit well within my arsenal, but I tried these on and couldn’t say no.  There’s a small zipper embellishment towards the ankle to give them a little edge, and the fabric allows enough stretch so that they’re comfortable in all situations.  I should have purchased 15 of these when I had the chance.

J. Crew Cardigan

untitled (52)

I’m slowly being forced to rotate this cardigan out of my closet because the color is fading after years of wear, and it’s devastating.  Solid colors in light material fit well with every outfit, but this lighter green shade works perfectly with everything in my closet.  Pay attention to colors you regularly wear (mine: navy blue) and find an accent colored cardigan that plays well.  I promise that years of wear will be in your future.

PinkBlush Oversized Cardigan

untitled (51)When I originally ordered this item, it was a last minute addition.  I thought that it could fit well within my style, but I couldn’t figure out how I would pull together an entire outfit with this as the centerpiece.  Boy, was I wrong!  I wear this sweater anywhere from dress fittings, to work, to just hanging around the house and it’s perfect in every situation.  It’s cozy like a blanket, but feels classic in all the right ways.  Leave it open for a more casual look, or add a large belt if you’re looking for more shape.  An oversized cardigan is now on my must-have list!

Jimmy Choo Nude Heel

a10 I usually quickly rotate through nude heels.  They work with any style, and are understated enough to allow other pieces from your outfit shine.  While my last pair was a cheap(er) wedge, I decided that it was really time to invest in a piece that I wear almost everyday.  And I’m so glad I did!  The structure of this show is impeccable, lasting though hours of dancing through every wedding and time on my feet in multiple offices.  But the height (~3in) is still comfortable enough to walk in for extended periods of time.  The perfect shoe for (almost) everyday.

Sorel Leather Boots (also pictured above)

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset I loved my classic pair of simple, light brown, leather boots.  So much so that I wore them out and had them re-soled multiple time.  Thankfully, my mother helped me out by giving these amazing replacement boots as a gift for Christmas!  They’re just as warm as Sorels that it feels everyone has, but, for me, the sleek leather is much more preferable.  They fit perfectly over my LOFT jeans or over ski leggings, and they are worn frequently in both occasions.  They’re the perfect recent add to my collection!


What are you fashion staples that you wear for everyday?

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