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Falling Back in Love with my Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans and I had a quick, but heavy romance.  Memories of a few years ago when I rocked my slightly ripped boyfriend jeans that I spent way too much early-20s cash flow on still continue to live with me today.  And now that I’m in a place where casual is considered the new dressy, I’m considering getting them back out of the old closet and letting them see the sunshine.

Getting back into the boyfriend jean game, but needing to dress it up more for the workday, has me focusing more on the “rules” to follow.  How can I dress up this look, but also keep it casual and classic?  With this in mind, I’ve come up with three simple rules to live by.

1) Focus on feminine accessories to lighten up the look.  Yes, you want to be a bit androgynous, but let’s not go too crazy.

3bd66366e9a5b90964106906d66d4b70 Stylecaster

2) Use a structured top to dress up the look for a more professional setting.  But try not to get too tidy.

boyfriend-jeans-with-flats Pinterest

3) If you’re like me and don’t have an Olivia Palermo type body (not complaining, I dig my curves), then invest in a good belt.  Boyfriend jeans require shape any way that you can get, so highlighting your waist provides the shape required to make the look more feminine.

2438bf02301d47ad259ec22c1eb17335 Glamradar


How do you rock your favorite boyfriend jeans?  Do you have any items in the closet that you just can’t separate from?  (If bell bottoms came back, your trend will, too!)

Create a great life!

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