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My New Favorite Starbucks Beverage

For those of you that recently read my Liebster Award post, you know that I gave up coffee close to a year ago.  But everyone always wants to go for coffee dates.  What’s a girl to do?!

In the Winters I’ve caved to the (definitely sugar free… or something) steamed apple juice.  But why would I dare spend $5 in the Summers on what is basically an apple juice with a special name?  But, my fellow, SSTers, do not fret.  I HAVE FOUND THE SUMMERTIME ANSWER!

April 3_Starbucks

Drumroll, please… it’s Starbucks’ Iced Tea Lemonade, unsweetened, with passion fruit.  Totally not kidding.  Stud muffin Ray may or may not have been the first one to order this tasty beverage – & now I don’t blame him.  Even if you order the new Starbucks size Trenta (which is as big as my head, I measured), it’s a only a 220 calorie indulgence!  I went big after a tough workout and hour at the grocery store (see: reusable bags), but I believe a Tall is 50 calories.

While I won’t recommend this indulgence for everyday, it’s absolutely what I’ll be enjoying on those warm, sunny days when I need a taste of refreshment.


What’s your favorite, refreshing beverage for the warm months?

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