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Headbands are for Grown Ups, Too

Lately, when I’ve worn headbands to the office, I’ve heard the same comment multiple times.  “That looks great!  I wish I could pull of headbands, too.”  But I guarantee you… you CAN!  You just need to invest in some classic, new ones (donate your old ones from childhood – it’s time) and style your hair more than you used to when you were a kid.  One other tip I have is that I definitely wear headbands a lot more often with my hair up than with my hair down – just looks more professional and also adds a little “pizzazz” to any outfit!

If you’re ready to venture into the world of grown up headbands, then I’ve shared one of my favorite looks that is SUPER easy to re-create.  I promise you, if I can do it, then YOU can do it!

To start, I’ve gotten several headbands from Katherine Jessica Collections.  This fantastic mother-daughter duo was a vendor at a local vendor gift market (Gazebo) that was run by Junior League back when I was in Chicago.  They have a fantastic selection of grown up headbands that are tasteful, but also INCREDIBLY comfortable for all-day wear.

March 31 (1)_correctedMarch 31 (2)_corrected

From there, I typically try to stick with a low style, such as a low bun right at the base of the skull.  Though the above features a recent favorite style, which I originally spotted on Pinterest.  To complete this style:

1) Pull your hair into a low ponytail at the base of the skull

2) Use your hairbrush or a finger to create a hole above the ponytail in the center of the style (we’re making a topsy-turvy here, if you’re familiar with that)

3) Pull the full ponytail through the hole and pull down

4) Braid the ponytail

5) Pull that braid through the hole as many times as necessary for the full ponytail to be involved

6) Use bobby pins to keep everything in place

The full look takes maybe 5 minutes to complete.

Just like that – you’re on the road to sporting a classic, grown-up headband look!


How do you wear headbands when you wear them for the day?  Do you have any favorite hair accessories that you like to incorporate into your professional looks?

Create a great life!

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