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Studio Review: Fierce45

I first want to say a quick note about Orlando, as my previous posts this week were timed for the week.  I haven’t been sure what to say about this incredible tragedy.  All I can think to say is that I’m thinking and praying for everyone impacted.  Love and optimism will prevail.  We are standing and will stand together.  Love always wins.

Today is the last day of our studio reviews from Denver Fitness Week.  And I honestly may have saved my favorite for last.  While Fierce45 was the first class I took on the first day of DFW, it was going to be hard to live up to.  The class was difficult, but easy to modify where necessary, featured a wonderful instructor that guided this newbie through the motions, included a high level of resistance training that consistently raise my heart rate, and was incredibly unique to any class I’ve taken in the past.

Fierce45 _3

The MegaFormer machine in its natural habitat

Fierce45 is a small group studio with 10 MegaFormer machines, which is similar to a Pilates reformer with some unique modifications.  The 45-minute class (thus “Fierce45”) is full of high intensity, low impact movements that are focused on continuous motion.  Your muscles will be shaking and you’ll feel sore, but you’ll feel powerful and strong.

As an example move, if you’re moving through a Plank Pike-Up, you’d start with your hands on a stable part of the MegaFormer, and your feet on a moving piece of the machine.  You then slowly move through the transition from plank to pike-up, then slowly return.  It is in the transition pieces where the real work occurs.

Fierce45 _5

Me with our instructor following class

The only piece that I didn’t love was that they focus most of the work on legs, because that’s where much of your body’s’ power lies.  Personally, my legs are a lot stronger than the rest of my body, and I prefer to spend a bit more time elsewhere.  But I get their point, so hey, whatever.

Fierce45 _1

The complete Fierce45 studio

Some tips if you’re able to attend:

  • Grab a towel (they had them available in the studio I attended.)  Much of the work included a bit of weight on your hands, and (TMI) they’ll likely get a bit sweaty.  You’ll need the towel.
  • When you’re new, get to the class early.  The instructor will guide you through how to use the machine so that you’re ready to go,
  • You are required to wear sticky socks (picture the stereotypical barre class socks.)  They were available for purchase, but be sure to bring your own to class if you have them available.


Have you ever attended Fierce45 class?  If so, what were your thoughts?

What are your favorite resistance training group classes?

Create a great life!

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