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Denver Fitness Week & Weekly Workouts

Happy Workout Wednesday!  I hope that y’all have been having a fantastic week thus far and the rest of the week is looking bright and cheery!

I received a couple of questions on Instagram asking for more detail on Denver Fitness Week, so let’s dive in!

My Schedule

Honestly, my schedule has varied a bit since I originally booked my classes, but here’s where I’m planning to be and when, though they may likely change.  I am planning to write reviews on my favorite studios in the upcoming weeks.  I’ve included the past classes I’ve been to in the list, as well – so stay tuned!

  • Saturday, May 7: Denver Fitness Week VIP Launch Party at Lululemon in Cherry Creek
  • Sunday, May 8: Fierce45 (10am)
  • Monday, May 9: Burn class at The Barre Code (5:30pm)
  • Tuesday, May 10: NUFit at Pura Vida (8:30am)
  • Wednesday, May 11: CycleBar (10:45am)
  • Thursday, May 12: YogaCross at The River Yoga (4pm)
  • Friday, May 13: Orange Theory (6am)
  • Saturday, May 14: Volo Restore at Pura Vida (11:45am)

**If you see me around this week, please say hello. 🙂 **

Fitness Week2


… and yes, I am taking all of these pictures after the class, because we’re not supposed to look pretty post-workout!

What is Denver Fitness Week and What Studios are Participating?

This week is the first annual Denver Fitness Week.  To celebrate, several local health and fitness facilities in the area are hosting classes for $5 and additional specials throughout the entire week.  The studios include the following:

  • The Barre Code (Downtown Denver)
  • CycleBar (DTC)
  • Fierce45 (Highlands &Wash Park)
  • Fitwall (LoHi)
  • NUFit/Natalie Uhling Fitness (Cherry Creek)
  • Orange Theory (Downtown Denver)
  • The Pilates Loft (Lone Tree)
  • The River Vinyasa Yoga (Downtown Denver)
  • Volo Yoga (Cherry Creek)

I’m able to hit up almost every studio, and the studios I’ve visited thus far have been fantastic!  Still to come, I have boot camp classes, aerial yoga, spinning, and yoga.  While boot camps and yoga are a part of my usual routine, even the classes I’m used to taking have seemed tougher… but in a great way!  I’m so pumped to keep up the rowdy, awesome work!

How to Sign Up!

If you’re interested in getting involved, check out the Denver Fitness Week website.  It includes instructions on how to sign up for each studio’s classes.  Then get ready to sweat!  While you were technically supposed to pick up your punch cards at Lululemon at the launch party, all of the studios thus far have had punch cards available at the front desk.  Can’t wait to see you in class!

Fitness Week3

The Barre Code


W: 30 minute elliptical HIIT

R: 30 minute interval incline walk, 20 min stationary bike climb

F: Rest Day

Sat: Intended to be our BBG meet-up, but the DFW launch party went a bit long and I missed it, so it was another rest day

Sun: Fierce45 reformer class

M: Barre Code Burn class

T: NUFit Cardio/Strength-Training class

What was good & what could improve about my week of workouts: I’ve been focusing on getting more cardio into my workouts, rather than purely strength training.  With that, I feel as though my week was really well balanced and I’m feeling really strong going into the rest of the week.  While I still would have preferred 6 days, rather than 5 days of working out, in the big scheme of things, this week was a really great week workout-wise.

Fitness Week4



What are some of your favorite studios to visit in your hometown?

Are you a group fitness class fan?

Create a great life!

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