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Sunday Confession: I Very Much Enjoy “Me” Time

Happy Sunday, my favorite SSTers!  I hope that you all are having an enjoyable, relaxing weekend!

Today, let’s talk about the times that I don’t mind being a loner.  I’m incredibly social and LOVE to get involved in my community at large, but time alone has allowed me to keep my sanity.  Let’s be clear that I don’t mean sitting on the couch – this alone time can be going on a run, 30 minutes of reading on in bed before heading off for a snooze-fest, or taking a minute to step out of our apartment to blog on the roof.  But, no matter what, this time has been incredibly important to allow me to re-focus on my life goals and reflect on my decisions for the week.

alone time_v2 (To be fair, Ray mad me the kababs… he’s a catch. 🙂 )

Now, I’m sure that many of you may be taking this the wrong way.  I rarely turn down a drink with my girlfriends and I’m madly in love with Raymond.  But if you don’t see the benefits of at least 30 minutes of alone time (away from work!) immediately, then I encourage you to try it out.  Find 30 minutes this week, turn off your phone and computer, and just take a second to think through your place in life.  What’s helping you grow and live a life you love?  What’s tearing you down that you need to remove from your life ASAP?  Reflect on these thoughts and how these decisions will help or hurt you.  I can guarantee that as you think through these tangible, real-life thoughts, you’ll feel more centered and focused on living your best life.


How do you spend your alone time?  Do you ever take time out of your week to meditate on your life?

Create a great life!

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