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Inner Thigh Toner

With Summertime quickly in the process of coming back to Denver (wishful thinking?), I’ve become fully focused on getting ready for the season.  However, my stems haven’t seen the light of day in an unfortunate period of time.  With shorts, skirts, and summer dresses about to refill my wardrobe, I’ve been focusing on making sure my legs are lean and toned.  Through a focus on Barre/Pilates moves and cardio exercises that target your thighs and booty, this workout is sure to get your legs (the good kind of) sore the next day.

Inner Thigh TonerIf you’re feeling ready to amp up the intensity, then add hand weights across the squats, crossover lunges, inner leg lifts (resting the weight on your leg), and table top side kicks (ditto to the leg lifts.)  You party animal you.



What are your favorite excersizes to focus on your legs?  What are you most excited about for when the Summer comes around?

Create a great life!


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