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Holiday Break Workout & Weekly Progress

I can’t be the only one around here that has been taking it slow the past couple of days.  Terrible weather making me not want to leave the house, family gatherings providing the perfect excuse to not workout, sweets surrounding us at all angles, and the 6 month BBG bride mark happening on the 9th are all examples of reasons that I don’t even want to get up off the couch.

Multiple times, I’ve written about giving myself the grace and understanding to take a break when I feel like it’s what I need.  And I’ve come to the understanding that this isn’t a true break period right now, but I also don’t need to push myself too much at this time of year.  Fitness can come in as second priority, while family, friends, and fun can come in first.  I just have to focus on maintaining my current fitness level over all else, and keep the 9th in my sights as my landmark to switch to focusing on progress over maintenance.

Champagne CHEERS to a fun, safe, festive holiday season!

In case you’re in a similar zone as I am at this time, I created the workout below as the perfect way to stay flexible with your workouts, but get the job done.  I’d recommend three round of this circuit, and you can add weight or not – completely up to you based on how you’re coming to the workout.

Holiday Full Body Workout

Take as much time as you need with this workout and ENJOY the process.  Unless you’re training for a specific event, you’re training for life – don’t let life pass you by in the process!


Weekly Workouts

Taking a cue from Ashley, I’ve started listing off my weekly workouts to hold myself accountable and keep myself on the right path.

Weekly Workouts

In all honesty, I did not track my workouts last week and I wont be tracking them this week.  (See reasoning above.)  Enjoy your holiday season!


Funny Story

I’m drafting this up in the community room in our apartment building, because their wireless is a lot better than our home wireless.  There’s three, separate couch sections in the room.  When I walk in, one section is over-taken by a teenage couple that I assume is on break trying to leave their parents for a little while – slight make-out sessions and whispering sweet nothings ensued.

One thing you guys should know about me is that I love embarrassing pre-teens and teenagers.  Let’s be honest, they make it too easy!  (Sorry in advance, future children.)

After about 30 minutes, I’ve decided that I’ve given them enough time and start blasting Nirvana’s “Feels Like Teen Spirit.”  Seems they’re not grunge fans, because they sadly left a couple of minutes later.  Too bad, really – I was having a good time.



Do you give yourself a break over the holidays, or do you stay committed to your usual fitness routine?

What has been the highlight of your holidays thus far?

Create a great life!

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