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Favorite Finds, Including Holiday Catch-Up

It’s been a minute since I’ve shared some of my favorite finds from across life and the interwebs.  So here’s some of my favorites bits from the end of 2015 and beginning of 2016. Because I haven’t caught up with you guys in a while, I mixed in some of my holiday highlights, too!  If you’re interested in seeing past Weekly Favorites, check out past posts here.

1 4 16_11 4 16_2 My good friend since high school, Jessica, married her Tinder stud of a bro, Nathaniel this past weekend, and it was a memorable event to say the very least!  While I, unfortunately, only got blurry pictures of the bride and groom all night, I think that you can easily see the happiness and magic that filled the room.  We’re the next in our group of high school friends to get married, so I’ll shamelessly admit that I was taking some tips from their wedding, too!


12 23 15_1 I know I just recently wrote about delivery groceries from Live Naturally and King Soopers, but I’m seriously addicted.  The products are delivered so seamlessly at such a high quality, that I rarely feel the need to go to the grocery store anymore!  Saving time and money?  Sounds perfect.  (Remember to enter SOOPER15 at checkout for $15 off your grocery purchase of $50 or more.  Plus, for a limited time, you get one free product with your first order.  Halleluiah!)


bddef49c0e3a7442f798b9b85266bc60 Since making DIY beauty products with my girlfriends, I’ve realized how simple these processes can be and how beneficial these products can be for our systems!  When I spotted this blog post from A Spectacled Owl, I saw how many options are waiting out there for us to try out!  Watch out, world, because everyone is getting body scrubs from me for the foreseeable future.


1 4 16_3 While we got engaged back in June, I finally had the opportunity to get my ring re-sized last week.  While they’re known for scratching wedding bands and typically get a lot of hate mail, this is a love note to the ring guard.  I went to Jared’s the Monday after we got engaged and the $9 ring guard they reluctantly provided has allowed me to wear this everyday since that time.  So here’s to you, ring guard!


a1db1d9394d669d05799b83fdd78c7db We’re in the middle of speaking to florists to settle on our style and I’m loving exploring inspiration on Pinterest.  As you’ll see, we’re fairly classic in taste, sticking with simple whites and blues.  Hope you guys enjoy following along in our wedding planning process!


Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workouts As I mentioned last week, I gave myself a break from tracking while I was home in Chicago.  I’ll start tracking this week, but my actual, landmark date is January 9th.  At that point, I’ll get back to regular tracking and a full workout regimen.



What was the highlight of your holiday weeks?

Do you take fitness breaks when you’re on trips, or do you stay committed the full time?

I can’t wait to touch base with you all… I’ve missed you!!

Create a great life!

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