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Delivery of Tasty, Healthy Groceries & Holiday Break Discount

If you don’t know, now you know… I’m a HUGE Kroger fan.  Full disclosure, I used to work for them on their loyalty card side, but that’s only part of the reason I love them.  They were wonderful to work for, I know how respectful they are with the consumer data (as an example, you won’t get a Coca-Cola coupon if you regularly purchase Pepsi), and their customer service is unmatched in the grocery business.  These reasons are just to name a few…

I’m now also incredibly grateful to Kroger because the King Soopers portion of their chain reached out to me, asking me to try out their Live Naturally website.  And my goodness, it was amazing!  They have thousands of natural & organic foods, beauty products, & supplements to choose from – I may or may not have gone a little bit crazy.  (But hey,our home is stocked, which is rarely a bad thing, right?!)  Right now, Live Naturally is a test in Colorado and Wyoming, so I feel privileged to be able to try out this great service!  Be sure to tell your local Kroger if you’d like a similar service near your home, too!

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Right now, Live Naturally actually has an awesome promotion going on called Naturally Free.  Essentially, they’re giving away one free product to anyone that orders from the King Soopers website. Awesome, healthy products delivered to your door and free product.  Can I get a Hallalujah?!  The free products range from candles (my pick!), to beauty, to supplements, to pet products. Something for everyone, that’s for certain!

In addition, for those that are able to participate in the Live Naturally test, have we got a discount for you – enter SOOPER15 at check out and they’ll take $15 off a $50 purchase AND free shipping.  A perfect offer for right around the holidays, amIright!?

Let me know what you decide to order and enjoy at home when you try out the service!  I’m trying out a ton of new products – pretty much everything pictured below, other than Red Hot Blues and Pirate’s Booty.  I’ll let you guys know if I have any favorites!  Yummin’!

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Please note: While this post was not sponsored, I was provided with free product in return for my honest review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own, and I, as always, I appreciate your support.

Holiday Break

I’ve been re-arranging my typical holiday breaks to stay a bit more consistent blog updates, while still allowing quality time with family and friends while being back in Chicago.  Because of this, I’ll be taking off tomorrow and will be limiting my posts through the 3rd of January.  To those of you that celebrate, Merry Christmas!  To those of you that don’t, enjoy one, whole day without hearing from Semi-Sweet Tooth.  Please try not to cry.

Be back soon!



What are your favorite Live Naturally products?

Have you ever used delivery grocery services?  If so, how have they worked out?  If not, what’s stopping you?

Create a great life!

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