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A Workout to Celebrate Football Season!

This football themed workout emulates some of the most important skills used in football.  Strength, speed, agility, endurance, and explosiveness.  It will get your heart pumping in no time.

I’ll admit that I am a proud fair-weather fan of the Broncos. The Chicago Bears will always have my heart, even when we have a tough season or two… or 12.

Being in the heart of football season, I decided to boil this all-American sport down to the basics to create a set of exercises that can be completed at home or in the local gym.

When you bring it down to the basics, football is based on strength, speed, agility, endurance, and explosiveness.  While I don’t plan to tackle individuals in my daily life, and therefore I probably won’t add that to my workouts, the basic skill sets are incredibly valuable.

Football is an explosive sport, with plays typically lasting 2 to 15 seconds.  With that in mind, the best workout that can emulate this for those of us not going pro is more of a HIIT style.  Be sure to do a proper warm-up and dynamic stretching to get your body ready to go, jumping right into this would be a mistake.

(As you guys know, I’m going through recovery from ACL surgery, and thus will be modifying some of these exercises to fit my needs. Feel free to do the same, and always ask a doctor before deciding if a workout is right for you.)

Football-Themed Workout

For this workout, complete each exercise, and leave a 15 second rest in between.  This will allow you’re heart rate to rapidly increase and decrease throughout the HIIT.  Repeat the full circuit at least three times through.

I would suggest using a set of dumb bells for the front squats, curls, and rows, but feel free to just hold your muscles extremely tight while doing the move if you don’t have dumb bells handy.

Exercise Descriptions

There are three moves in this workout that I regularly see done incorrectly and, to help prevent injury, are worthwhile to cover.

Pistol Squats


For pistol squats, start in a standing position.  From there, shoot one leg in front of you, while your standing leg starts to bend.  Continue bending your knee and squatting until your booty is almost touching the floor.  Using the strength of your standing leg quad, push up to return to standing.

As a modification, I often lean against a wall for support when performing this movement.  Also, when squatting, just sit as low as you can when keeping good form.  Do not feel obligated to get to a full squat.

Alternatively, you can feel free to do regular squats if this move becomes too difficult.

Front Squats


Front squats are similar to traditional squats, except that you are holding weight in front of you.  The two most important pieces to point out are that to keep your head a chest up and to keep your weight in your heels.  You should feel almost like your back is sliding vertically down a wall.

Swiss Ball Stability Hold


This move should feel very similar to a plank.  Hold the pictured position static for 30 seconds.  The one element that you’ll notice that’s different than a traditional plank is that this provide an extra challenge on your core.

Have some fun with this workout and mix it up!  Extra bonus if you complete this workout while watching your favorite team.

Create a great life!

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