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A Day of Kindness

Natalie came to me with this idea of living out a “Day of Kindness” where she intentionally goes around completing random acts of kindness all day, which was originally a suggestion offered by one of her professors. Given the spirit of this week of Thanksgiving, I thought that it was a beautiful idea! I hope that her experience persuades us to be a little nicer to one another, show a little intentional kindness to our fellow sisters and brothers out there on this Earth. If you decide to complete any acts of kindness, or if you even choose to complete a full Day of Kindness yourself, please DM me on Instagram and I’d love to share with our crew. Happy Thanksgiving week to all those in the US!

By: Natalie

I am a strong believer in the fact that small acts of kindness can transform someone’s day- including my own! Simple acts of selflessness remind me that this world is full of unique individuals living unique lives. I have a deep passion for the world and I love to serve others in order to give back to society and to those who need it most.

Everyday I try to do small things, such as holding the door open, complimenting someone’s outfit, or picking up garbage. However, I was given a unique proposition that challenged me to think deeper about the actions I put into the world. What would a whole day of kindness and service look like? How would that make me feel? How would that impact the people around me?

At the root of everything, helping others is a core value of mine, so when I heard this challenge, I was very intrigued. I documented my day and took photos of some of my acts of kindness. I hope that this post serves as a reminder that small actions can go a long way. To get you started on your own day of kindness, I also included a list of small actions that can have a big impact!

My Day of Kindness

Everything you do makes a statement

Throughout the day, I made a conscious effort to think about each and every one of my interactions. A day of kindness is about being mindful of how your actions can make an impact on the lives of those around you. Everything you do makes a statement!


My university is putting on a campaign to help families in need purchase gifts for the holidays. With Thanksgiving approaching, I am in the gift-giving spirit! To start my morning, I picked up a few gift tags off of a Holiday Giving Wall for children and teens, including requests for makeup, clothes, and dolls. These kinds of campaigns are great because although the individual contributions are small, the impact is huge! I stored my tags away and continued on, intent on purchasing a few, relevant gifts later on in the day.

Between my morning and afternoon, I held the door open for as many people as possible and I said hello to people I normally do not. I tried to get outside of my comfort zone to make the day brighter and happier for those around me. Pretty soon, I realized I was smiling and laughing more than I normally do. I had great conversations with people that I had not known very well prior to my day of kindness. It was by the early afternoon that I made the remarkable insight that a day of kindness leads to new relationships with unexpected people.


Around lunchtime, I decided that I would use any extra dollars in my wallet to pay for the next customer. After paying for my food in the market, I had $5 left. Those extra few dollars can go a long way! Even though it was not enough to cover the entire bill of the person behind me, they were so excited to be on the receiving end of something so unexpected! I learned that people are touched so deeply, and even surprised, when a random stranger does something nice for them. It felt amazing to see someone else smile because of something I did.

As I continued with my day, I made a mental note to be extra nice to the planet too! I made a conscious effort to be environmentally friendly all day. I tried to produce less waste than normal, which is not as easy as it sounds! I also picked up little pieces of trash as I continued with my schedule. These minimal tasks require little time and effort, however, they can create a big impact on the Earth!

I am a huge fan of giving compliments! They are confidence-boosters and they make people feel good. During the latter half of my day, I tried to give at least 10 compliments to random strangers. I ended up doubling that number! I complimented people’s clothes, eyes, purses, glasses, and plenty of other things! I started noticing the little things that make people unique, which in turn, made me more aware of the people around me.


I wrapped up my evening by donating extra canned goods to an organization that supports families in need. Thanksgiving is a great time to give thanks for even the simple things such as food. Small charitable donations, such as a canned food item, can go a long way, especially around the holiday season.

Finally, to truly get into the holiday spirit, I went shopping for the gift request tags I picked out earlier in the morning. It reminded me to be thankful for everyone and everything in my life. It made me so happy to be able to support a child and family in need.

Before I went to bed, I wanted to do a quiet reflection on my day of kindness. I am a big fan of journaling, so I took the time to respond to a few questions I wanted to think about: What would a whole day of kindness and service look like? How would that make me feel? How would that impact the people around me? Being intentional with understanding your thoughts and feelings throughout the day becomes a welcome opportunity to really understand how you’ve changed and developed over time. It’s a beautiful practice! (Click here if you’re new to journaling to see some of my top tips for getting started!)

One small act can change a life 

Overall, I felt a tremendous sense of warmth and community all day long. It surprised me that such small things can change someone’s day! I am now more aware of the actions I put into the world and how people perceive those actions. Initially, it was hard to get outside of my comfort zone in front of people I didn’t know, but soon enough, I realized that good deeds transcend discomfort.

I am already planning to do another day of kindness sometime soon. It doesn’t require much time, effort, or money, and the results far exceed any trouble or inconvenience. I learned that something small can change a life

Suggested small acts of kindness

I have included a few ideas to get you started on your own day of kindness. The list could go on and on, so write down a few or create your own! Consider how these acts could impact your life and the lives of those around you.

  • Pick up trash
  • Write a letter to a loved one 
  • Compliment a stranger 
  • Pay for someone’s coffee/ food 
  • Volunteer
  • Donate extra canned goods
  • Play with animals at a shelter
  • Practice self-kindness
  • Smile at people on the street
  • Say hello to strangers 
  • Write a thank you letter to a local police or fire station 
  • Send a care package to a soldier 
  • Create a list of things you are grateful for 
  • Leave inspirational post-it notes around public spaces 
  • Write a nice comment on a social media page 
  • Give a server a big tip
  • Get to know someone new 
  • Buy flowers for a loved one 
  • Bring in muffins or donuts to work
  • Make someone’s favorite food and bring them a snack
  • Buy a holiday gift for a child in need 
  • Donate a few spare dollars to a charity
  • Hold the door open

Incorporate a few or several of these acts into your week and intentionally think about how you feel and how your small acts are brightening up the world.

Then head on over to Instagram and DM us about your experience for us to share. We’d love to know all of the wonderful ways that you’re making this world a better place for all.

Create a great life!

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