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Rest Day.  My calves will thank me later in the week.


I have time for jut  quick pot before I head out in our current Denver blizzard to meet up with some girls for  birthday celebration!  More details to come layer in the week, but I did want to share a recent obsession with you guys… Yogi Tea.

Coffee and I parted ways close to 6 months ago, and I’ve been on a mad search for a tea  love since that time.  One of my yoga instructors casually mentioned trying Yogi Tea, and I’m SO glad he did (thanks, Alex!)

2015_2 25 (1)As you might be able to see, my tea jar is filled to the brim with these bad boys!  There’s not too much caffeine, but the spice adds a little kick that provides a little energy in the AM.  Plus, they provide a little fortune on each of the tea bags.  Mine this morning was, “An attitude of gratitude brings opportunities.”  Note to self.


Do you have a tea or coffee that you love for starting your day?

Create a great life!

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