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What (Adorable Little Kids) I’m Loving This Week

Little kids crack me up and inspire me all at the same time.  Because I feel like the middle of this week calls for a laugh or a bit of inspiration, here are five kids that I’m adoring this week:

1) Macey Hensley is a little red-head 5-year-old from Kansas that is obsessed with Presidents.  She was recently on ‘Ellen’’,’ where I’ve watched her interview several times.  She’s a brilliant little one, and I already can’t wait for her to run for President!


Macey on ‘Ellen’

2) This little kid from a Trigon commercial is probably 13 now, hating the fact that he was in this commercial.  But here I am, still laughing at it 6 years later.

0 "He kicked him in the pe***"

3) Unfortunately,  can’t find a screen shot of this next amazing kid, but I am seriously in awe.  Ava is a little 2-year-old in England that was born deaf.  Because her mother was born deaf, as well, her parents began teaching her British Sign Language early on.  In the link below, you can see a complete conversation between Ava and her mother in BSL while Ava munches on her blueberries.  While it still has the adorable things that any 24 month old would talk about (ex. teaching her that everyone has a tummy), it’s a fully complete conversation. I highly recommend watching if you want to feel inspired.

Ava talks to her mom in BSL

4) Little Alex Scott was diagnosed with a neuroblastoma (a type of childhood cancer) shortly before she turned 1 in 1997.  At the age of 4, Alex informed her mother that she wanted to host a lemonade stand to raise money for the cause to help kids like the doctors helped her.  Alex’s first stand raised $2,000, leading to the creation of “Alex’s Lemonade Stand,” a foundation raising money for children’s cancer research.  The cause raised over $1MM by the time Alex passed in 2004 at the age of 8, but the cause continues today!

140608-alexandra-scott-jms-1625_7ff5f2266ec47175b05003caae5696f1 Learn more about the cause here

5) Esther Okade is a prodigy, I have no doubt about that.  She’s one of the UK’s youngest university students, starting her undergraduate degree at the tender age of 10.  She has plans to own her own bank one day, after she gets her PHD and graduates at around 15 or 16, of course.  Whether she goes on t own her own bank or not, I can promise you that I have no idea what the equation is that she’s jotting down in the new story posted below.

ESTHER-OKADE-630x392 10-year-old in University


Do you have kids in your life that make you laugh or inspire you?

Create a great life!

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