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Little Indulgences = Big Happiness

In early October, a favorite blogger of mine, Julie, explored her favorite modest splurges.  And I thought that it would be a wonderful exercise for me to complete, as well!  The idea originally came from a podcast Julie is a big fan of called “Happier,” where each 20-25 minute podcast explores simple tips and tricks that you can incorporate into your life to encourage happiness.  One episode highlights “modest splurges” as a way to increase happiness.

According to Julie’s blog post, a modest splurge is something on the small side that brings you a large amount of joy.  This can be something you purchase, or an activity that you don’t usually take the time to do that doesn’t cost anything.  Some examples include rereading a favorite childhood book, calling your best friend to catch up, or getting a fancy new calendar for the upcoming new year.

Lately, I’ve been spending some time thinking about some of the modest splurges in my life.  What things make me incredibly happy, almost disproportionately to their cost.  I’d love to hear about your favorite little indulgences, too!  Please share some if your favorite things that cost little to nothing at all in the comments section below!

 My Favorite Little Indulgences

A Tidy Home

When I first asked Ray about what he thought my little indulgences might be, his first two answers were “a tidy home” and “a bed that’s made.”  While this is absolutely showing my type A side, he’s totally correct.  I love having a home that feels lived in, but looks presentable.  Yes, we might be the only two seeing our home, but it may as well be in a state that we enjoy!  (At least until we have children, etc…)

 Fresh Cut Flowers

I remember watching an Oprah special, where she mentioned that she loved to have some fresh cut flowers in every room.  While I’m not to that point (yet), I love having something living in our home.  Right now, we have one plant that has been with me for six years (named Eddie) and a separate, insanely glittery pine shrub that was for sale at our neighborhood King Soopers – I’ll share a picture at a later date.  I love getting new flowers and plants into our home to make the space feel more cozy and established.

10 Minutes in the Sunshine

I know, I know… watch my skin in the sunshine.  But on sunny days, I crave sitting in the sun for ten minutes to get a little bit of rejuvenating vitamin D.  Sitting, relaxing with my eyes closed is bonus points to keep me both relaxed and energized on busy week days.

Simple Traditions

There are certain things that make me feel comfortable and at home, no matter where I am.  One of the things is if I begin to re-live or create traditions.   My main two right now are stopping by a place that Ray and I love at least once/week, as well as meeting up with a core group of girlfriends at least once/month for a GNO or brunch (pictured above.)

Starting a New Book

As an English Minor, I have, for whatever reason, been blessed with being a slow reader.  I know that it makes zero sense, but just go with it.  I love reading, with my non-fiction kick lasting a almost-uncomfortable amount of time.  However, I sometimes love the act of starting a new non-fiction book better than anything else.  Right now, I’m just starting a book on tidying.  I’ll chalk that one up as a win!


What are your little indulgences that make you excited about life?

Create a great life!

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